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pulsatila timitis

I am suffering from pulsatile timitis since 3 years.Heartbeat sound is hearing in left ear continuosly.Many doctors cheked and audiometry,CTscan,MRIscan and doppler tests are done in labs.all are normal except audiometry test and i am also suffering from survical spondlytis since 5years.Now i am using ''feliz s plus''tabs for nightsince4months.Please suggest the correct medicine sir. please.........
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The most common cause of pulsatile tinnitus is noisy blood flow as blood pushes through plaques or kinks in the arteries in the head or neck. It can be made worse if there is also hypertension. Several types of fistulas in the blood vessels of head and neck, especially the carotid artery or jugular vein can also cause this. All these are probably ruled out in your case.
Increased blood flow as seen in anemia and hyperthyroid state can also cause pulsatile tinnitus. Fluid in middle ear can be another cause, and can cause hearing loss. Vascular tumors of middle ear such as glomus tumors or paragangliomas can also cause this.
Please discuss these possibilities with your ENT specialist. Take care!
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