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pulsatile tinnitus

After a couple of years of turning up the tv and asking people to repeat themselves, I had my hearing tested.  I've just learned that I have moderate conductive loss in my right ear, left ear is perfect.  I don't know the name of the test I had, but I was in a sound booth, had on earphones, responded by saying yes when I heard the sounds.  I also had something kind of behind my right ear and a background type noise near my left ear.  I responded by saying yes when I heard sounds.

I also can hear my heartbeat in my right ear.  I assumed this was some sort of tinnitus, but it isn't the sounds described on the questionnaire such as hissing, ringing.  It sounds like my heartbeat.  The doctor has ordered a few tests including a CT, an MRI and another type of hearing test to gather more information.

I am somewhat alarmed and the waiting game until all tests are complete and I meet back with the doctor is killing me.  The nurse will set up the CT and MRI tomorrow and hopefully those test dates will be soon.  I believe the hearing test will be when I go back to the doctor.

I called my mom and asked about family history.  I have no idea how I didn't know this, but stroke and aneurysms run in her dad's side of the family.  She has had a procedure on both carotids.  Just typing all this makes me even more worried.  

I'm wondering if and my question is: in addition to a hearing loss, is there possibly another medical issue at play??  Would these be two different issues or all hearing related?  The doctor suggested perhaps an AVM or some other type tumor affecting either my hearing or veins? He wants to rule that out since the hearing loss is one sided and conductive loss, not bilateral and nerve related.  Can you please comment on this?  Additionally, I'm in good physical health, don't smoke, do take medicine for hypothyroidism and supplements to benefit thyroid function.

Thank you for commenting.  
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The tests you are undergoing will help your ENT diagnose the and treat the right ear hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss typically occurs with some underlying problem of the eardrum or middle ear space. The heartbeat sound is actually quite common. The possibility of tumor or AVM is highly unlikely. Follow your physician's advice and continue with the recommended testing.
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I spoke with the ENTs office.  I am having a CT and an U/S.  I will also have another hearing test, I didn't get the official name of the test, but audiogram with acoustic reflex, something like that.  Could you comment on that test, please, what it rules in or out.  Thank you.
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Thanks so much.  My u/s results were positive, no stenosis.  Whew! The doctor has the results of the CT, but did not relay the results to me over the phone.  I go back for more testing in June.  My guess is that whatever that test revealed was either a) every thing is normal, or b) perhaps something showed up that will help with an approach, but it isn't life threatening (like stenosis could have been).
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