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questions for those wearing hearing aids

Hi all,

I am currently taking an online class to finish up my graduate requirements to become a speech-language pathologist, and am looking to get some feedback individuals who wear hearing aids. If you or your child wears hearing aids, I would greatly appreciate your time to answer the following 7 short questions. Thank you so much!

1. How long have you worn your hearing aids?
2. For how long before you got your hearing aids did you suspect you had a hearing loss?
3. How long do you wear your hearing aids each day?
4. Do you feel like you get benefit from your hearing aids?
5. What complaints do you have about your hearing aids?
6. Do you feel like your hearing aids have lived up to what your audiologist or hearing aid dealer told you they would do?
7. Did you get your hearing aids from an audiologist or a hearing aid dealer?
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1.  12 years
2.  4-5 years
3.Depends on the time of the year.  I live on the Gulf Coast and dont wear them as much in the summer when Im out side.  Sweat too much and dont want to damage them.  Wear the all the time in the cooler weather months except when sleeping.
4.Yes from my last ones... They ar Phonak behind the ear digital and I can hear better with them than any I have ever had.  They have the soft rubber deals on the tube that goes in my ear. My ears dont feel plugged up with them... its like I dont have hearing aids on ..the other kind with the hard plastic deals that are fitted to the ear are horrible.  Feels like I have a bug or something in my ear and that I am under water.. with the Phonaks all sounds sound normal.. They are great.
5. no complaints about the Phonaks.. I have had about 4-5 pairs of the other type hearing aids semins, starkey and some other brands that were fitted to my ear.. they were all worthless as far as im concerned.
6.  Only the Phonaks that I now have.. They cost $6,500.00 six years ago..
I paid almost that much for some of the other brands that were worthless ..
7. Hearing aid dealer.  I have tried Audiologist and they have all had some one dispensing the hearing aids that didnt know much about what they were doing.  I have had much better luck with hearing aid dealer who have some one there thats done it for a long time and who is willing to work with you.
8. Hope this helps..claytex
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