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? About Effient and a surgery/ clot attack

I had a stent in September. I was prescribed Effient which seemed to make my heart race sonI stopped it in Oct. I had knee surgery and found out in process that withou Effient I am at risk for a clot and heart attack. I am ready to go back on it but I want my knee surgery to heal. Will the Effient slow the healing process on the knee?
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Your knee will heal just fine on effient but obviously a bit slower. Once clotting has started, then the process will speed up. If you had surgery on your knee 2 or 3 days ago, or longer, then it's fine to restart effient.
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Effient is a very potent anticoagulantia (often called bloodthinner). When a stent is placed, you need anticoagulantia to avoid thrombosis in the stent. Dependant on the type of stent you need to be on this medication for a couple of months. For a DES stent they normally keep you on it for a whole year, as for bare metal stents(BMS) the period is much shorter. It is very risky to stop Effient before the planned end date. An in-stent-thrombosis is often deadly. Your cardiologist will tell you when it is safe to stop Effient.

Did you discuss stopping Effient with your cardiologist? If not, I would strongly advice you to contact him ASAP. Note that there are other medicine with almost the same effect that might give you less side effects like Clopidogrel and Ticagrelor.

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