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What does abnormal ecg indicates? Her age is 62

Hi, my mom is 62. She does not have symptoms regarding heart. However, her ECG report shows abnormal.Could you please tell me is it a serious issue?

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Hi Im not a doctor, but will try help. Of course you have given us no info on the apparent abnormalities?

An ECG is a basic heart test that looks at heart electrical activity and how its working.
Often it shows abnormalities, but your cardio is best placed on what to do.
Often nothing needs to be done.

She will probably have a Heart Echo , which is an Ultrasound of the Heart. It is a good test for function, how valves are working and EF% , which shows the approx heart pump function. Its a simple non invasive test.

Her cardio is best placed to advise as they are in possession of any tests that were done, inc. blood work etc if any.

Dont get too panicked, just get the detailed low down from the cardiologist, all should be fine and any issues can be dealt with by the doctors if needed.

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New EKG machines will try to interpret the findings and will mark normal or abnormal on the report and are not accurate in any way. Are you going by what the strip says or what a doctor said?
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