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beta blocker that does not cause hair loss?

Is there a beta blocker that does not cause hair loss?

This discussion is related to Verapamil related Hair Loss.
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I've been taking Metoprolol (4 years)100mg/day no hair loss here.
I have been on a number of beta blockers over the last 20 years as a migraine preventative.  Metoprolol, Atenolol, Nadolol, Propranolol.  In doses between 10mg and 40mg.  15 years in my hair loss started.  Like so many I thought it age related as I was 55 or so.  But it became too promounced to ignore and so I went off the blockers.  After a 7 month break I slunk back to my Doctor as I had so many headaches and could hardly eat anything that would not trigger a migraine.  I went back on the beta-blockers, this time Nadalol.  A few days following I went to have my annual haircut.  I wear my hair simple and long and only get a trim once a year.  The hairdresser asked if I had been on chemotherapy?  I asked why, as, although my hair had thinned dramtically, I still HAD hair.  She answered that I had little tiny new hairs coming in all over my head.  That confirned for me that beta-blockers were the cause of the hair loss and the 7 month hiatus had spawned this re-growth.  WE ARE NOT ALL CRAZY.  BETA-BLOCKERS CAN CAUSE HAIR LOST.  I am 5 years now on Nadalol and have just gone off them again.  Not only is my hair falling out big time but I have developed dry eye, TMJ, and the skin in the entry to my ear canals is unexplainably dry and itchy, and my nose runs continually.  I must always carry tissues.  I know the nose running and hair loss are beta-blocker as they both disappear when I go off the drug.  The other stuff I only suspect as being, in part, a result.  I am trying various herbs and supplements for migraine prevention (butterbur, feverfew) and high blood pressure (fish oil, ginger, Hawthorn).  I am only about 2 weeks in and need at least three months to get the herbs into the my system to know what works.  I believe, I know, I can solve this outside of beta blockers and other prescription meds.  I do hope this aids others in their search for answers.  We all need to keep sharing and stick together!  
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Great! One more thing to worry about. I had no idea beta blockers caused hair loss - I had enough of that after giving birth to my 2 children! I just started taking Metoprolol about 3 months ago and haven't noticed anything yet, but I'm on a pretty low dose - 25mg/day, I hope it stays this way.
Good luck to you.
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Metoprolol was the drug that I was on that caused my hair to fall out.  In 2 months on it I was losing my hair rapidly.  I was atenolol before and the same thing happened, but more gradually.  I was off of beta blockers for a year being being put back on metoprolol and during that year my hair quit falling out and thickened back up.
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I am so glad to hear you hair thickened back up.  How long were you on metoprolol?  I just put it all together last night.  I have noticed a dramatic loss over the past year.  I can't believe it took me that long to figure it out.  I am going on aldactone and taking prenatal vit...hopefully to help the process of thickening up my hair.
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Most if not all beta blockers have the known side effect as  Hair loss -thinning hair
pattern baldness - that they say will reverse, once off the meds !  
however if you have to be on blood pressure med, check the side effects first !
as hair loss or thinning hair - may be listed as a side effect .  

I am on verapamil now  - still have thinning hair - there is no history of baldness in my whole family (both sides)  My Doctor tells me , Hey being Bald is in style now!!
I ask is being fat or having a big belly in style too ? as rapid waight gain is another known  side effect of most b.p meds .  so we may end up as  an american bald eagle
with a fat belly !    

hard to imagine such side effects can happen.   next we will grow monkey tails
or talk backwords ..  im still looking for a medication for b.p  that has no side effects !

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You've got a sense of humor, and you've brought a smile to my face. I've given up on bald or not, thin or fat.

Getting through the day is tough enough after the heart attacks - I can't bring myself to care about the little stuff anymore. Hard enough to cope with the big stuff eh?!


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