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stress test came back with a EF of 38% what is my life expectency?

I am 78 years old 5' 6" tall and weight 130 lbs.   I am under a heart dr. care , I work out daily and I throw 12,000 pvc's a day from the blocked artery
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I don't think anyone can give you a prognosis here but I can tell you about my father. He has had two MI's and a 5 way bypass when he was 71. His second MI was 6 years ago when it was determined all but one graft was closed and he was basically living on collaterals. Since his MI, his EF%  was as low as 29% and has never climbed above yours and he's now 88 going on 89 and getting along just fine.

Of course much depends on the reason for your low EF%, but work closely with your cardiologist. It's amazing how much can be done to manage your quality of life. If I can answer anything about my father's experience and his care, PM me and good luck!  Jon
thanks for the come back...
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How do you fewl day to day?
actually feel great...exercise every day and no side effects to new drug...doing another EF stress test end of January to see if new med works...
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