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1. Can I take vitamins and which ones with a stint

I’m 49 years old and just had a stent put in my Left Anterior Descending artery (LAD) The symptoms were uncomfortableness on my upper body arms through my chest for about two months that lasted about 30 seconds to two minutes once in a while at (not ecru night) night time not very severe pain just uncomfortable uncomfortable feeling,(The doctors were also talking about a broken heart syndrome possibly being the issue wondering if anybody had heard about it also) but anyway the last one lasted about five minutes so I went into the ER from the advice of a VA nurse.(Who made it sound like I needed to go ASAP right then and there) I consider myself to be pretty healthy, I did smoke cigars and recently and quit smoking marijuana (of which I’ve been smoking for about four years after a 13 year hiatus from it because it became legal here in Washington state also wondering if that could’ve possibly contributed to the blockage from the heavy oil content in the new stronger and more potent marijuana) and boarder line social drinking of beer,( my question is I was heavily into taking vitamins and through the advice of my cardiologist said that I should not take any vitamins whatsoever which really devastated me, does anybody know a list of vitamins that I can take and can Or continue just taking my regular vitamins. Also I was not given the option at the time to have a bypass which I was told afterwards by another person that I shouldn’t even had a stent put in that I should’ve had a bypass. The angiogram showed that the artery was 90% clogged and the  doctors made it sound like it was severe. They call it the widow maker, I just want to know is all of this just a way to get me a dependent on pharmaceuticals the rest of my life? And would a bypass be better obviously in the long run, because I did not know a stent is a temporary fix. This is all truly terrifying to me. Thank you for your time
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Stent always the best option. Much less recovery time. I would recommend you ask you cardiologist about getting into cardiac rehab. As for vitamins I take d lot of vitamins and minerals that I have not told my doctor about.  they get kick backs from pharmacuetical company's every time they give a prescription. In have 2 stents and 1 100 % occlusion that bypassed itself. I take magnesium, cinnamon, ginger, tumeric, b complex, cayenne pepper, vitamin c, fish oil, probiotics, and green tea extract. I still take my cholesterol medication, 25 mg daily of metoporal, and 30mg of isosorbide 2x daily. But I am now of lisinopril and amlodipine and my blood pressure averages 110/70 and my resting heart rate is 50. I am a 60 year old female that babied myself for 2 years due to chest pain so I am starting cardiac rehab. But all of the pills i .take have helped . I am not a doctor but I hope this helps. My heart EF is 60% which is good. Have lost 12 pounds in 2 months and attribute that to the pills I take
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I had a CAC of 660 and reversed it to 458 in 20 months on the Linus Pauling Heart Protocol. Which is high dose vitamin C with Lysine and Proline.
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Sorry you needed a stent at 49. That's pretty young.  I know a lot of people have a lot of anxiety over their health and especially cardiac problems. And since you've had a true issue that required medical care, it's really understandable on your part. Do you like and trust your cardiologist?  That's your source of information.  Not friends, not the internet, not people you just chat with.  I know that you can get bombarded with this thought or that thought from well meaning people but they don't know your true medical condition.  They aren't sworn by oath to care for your health, if that makes sense.  They mean well but your best person to give you advice is your cardiologist.  And if you want verification, pay to see a second, unaffiliated with the first cardiologist for a second opinion. You can also talk about it with your primary care physician or gp.  Those are the people that need to lead you through this.  I say that with kindness because so many like to chime in but they aren't privy the actual first hand data of being your caregiver.  

Supplements are tricky.  There is a lot of mixed thoughts on them. They feel like they should be better for you because they aren't created by a pharmaceutical company. But . . . they are part of big business too and unfortunately, an unregulated industry.  Supplements can have side effects and consequences.  So it is smart that you are wondering about this.  It sounds like you've been very into it and your doctor may be trying to head off 'self medicating' that people try to do with supplements.  There are studies that state that supplements can ave a cardiac benefit but 'too much' (and how to determine that amount?) can backfire and cause issues (too much Vit D or calcium, for example).  There are also interactions to consider when taking supplements.  I personally, given your situation, would not take anything unless my doctor said "yes, that is fine" for the time being.  You often can get what the body needs through proper diet.  Then exercise and get good sleep, your body should be healthy, right?  Here's an article, for example, that gives some supplements to not use https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/3-supplements-that-may-harm-your-heart  The next article I'm linking is from a top hospital that I trust completely.  https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/the-truth-about-heart-vitamins-and-supplements   It also backs up that your FOOD is the very best source of nutrients for your heart. See a nutritionist if you want ideas about this telling them that your doctor suggests no supplementations currently and that you want to be healthy through your food.  This is what I would do.

You sound very healthy and in tune with things.  The stents will hopefully ward off any further issues.  Follow your doctor's advice.  Tell me what you think of what I've written.
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