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1 week post closure of PFO

Hi I am 54 yo female, ex ICU nurse so know something about the heart but this is new territory for me. I am one week post close trying not to lift too much in weight or strain but have had central chest pain for several days now. Not acute, just aching and heavy. Some brief runs of AF and slight left sided heart sensation like pinching but the central pain is the most disconcerting. Could this be the clopidogrel? Am also more tired than before the procedure! What's the expected recovery time? Will this chest pain resolve or should I see my doc? Thank you.
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It is not typical to have chest pain after a percutaneous closure of a patent foramen ovale. Causes can include irritation of the heart or membranes surrounding the heart from the device or changes in your heart's rhythm.  Chest pain is not typically associated with Clopidogrel.  I would recommend that you talk with your doctor to determine the source of your symptoms.

With respect to recovery time, generally, the major limiting factor after a procedure like yours is groin tenderness.  Most people feel back to their normal selves within a week.  
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Thank you so much. I saw my doc an hour ago. He's a bit foxed as it's central. Yes feel the twinges from the heart area when coughing or lifting, to be expected I'm sure and the device is endothelialising, hopefully. Slight runs of AF but short. My doc examined me and no obvious effusion or reason and the pain comes and goes. It was constant last night and barely there now. So we're watching for now with advice to get help if it's acute or radiating. Thank you for your time and comments.
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