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100% Artery blockages !!!! can any 1 guide and help please

My dad a severe cardiac arrest in 2003. He had undergone angiography detecting 3 blockages. 1- 100%, 2- 60% &  3- 40%. The other two 60 & 40 % got operated with stents and ballons however there is this 100% block still remaining which the doc says is incureable since completely chocked up. CAN ANYBODY PLEASE HELP WITH GUIDANCE ATLEAST.
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A completely blocked vessel can open collateral vessels that will provide a natural bypass.  That's not say that partially blocked vessels do not develop collaterals!  

I have a completely blocked LAD just below the branch off the main artery that was discovered 5 years ago.  It is obvious by the history you provide there are collateral vessels that supply the blood to areas deficit.

The AAC/AHA guidelines do not recommend stenting any vessel occlusion less than 70%...there are exceptions such as associated chest pain that cannot be relieved with medication. Stents can be problematic, and I don't believe the 60, 40% blockage should have been stented...but? there was cardiac arrest.

Fives ago, I didn't have cardiac arrest, but I was admitted to ICU for congested heart failure.  At that time a stent implant for the 98% RCA, circumflex 72% not stented, and the 100% LAD occlusion remains.  Medication controls any chest pain when I workout 3 times a week.  I feel quite well, and have no problems except with unusual exertion.  
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