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15 % Ejection Fraction

My father is suffering from severe ejection fraction problem. It is only of 15%. Its a winter time in Delhi, India. My father is facing number of problems like shorten breath, can't sleep, feets are always swelled. He is facing this problem since April 2008. We have his treatment from All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS). He is on medicines completely as doctor says there is no treatment for this disease and also poor survival. However, we are not at all satisfied by his treatment. Please tell me how severe is this problem, what could be best possibility of treatment as he also diabetic and what medicines he should take.

Thanks & Regards,
Megha Gulati
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Ace inhibitor
Beta blocker
Diuretic (water pills)
Blood thinners
Digitalis Preparations

From these groups I have been medicated since I had 20% “or less” EF 5 years ago, the exact number wasn’t told.  
I have been taking Altace ,Metoprolol ,Lasix since.
   Digoxin was dropped after 2 years, blood thinner after 2 weeks.

I am not diabetic, but still have high blood pressure and order to keep it down, besides the medication;  need the right food, drink (no caffeine, lots of garlic etc), exercise, and weight control.  

Also very important to your dad not to eat any process food, those are high in sodium. He should get no more then 1600 mg of sodium one day. And remember almost every food has sodium naturally without adding salt. He, or the person cooking for him must calculate, later when his EF will go up, he can take 2000mg per day. My EF went up soon also went normal a year or so, now I take around 2000mg, no need to calculate it became a second nature to know after a while like how much a slice of bread, an egg, a slice of unsalted meet and on and on has……
Potassium important if he takes water pills, but a daily banana or two and tomatos are  replacing the potassium pill for me.
I don’t know how the medical system looks like in India? But with the right medication that available heart failure even  if not a treatable ,the symptoms can be treat away well and can be manageable on medication  to live a long symptom free life.

The statistic can not be the way on which his doctor should go and write him down. We born to die, we still want to live as long as possible and without pain but comfortable.
Hope that helped a little. Good wishes for your and your father!

V. from Canada

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As vienna states there is medication to treat heart failure.  Heart failure is defined by an EF below 29%, and the low EF is not strong enough to pump out the blood into circulation that is received from the lungs.  As a result the blood backs up into the lungs causing fluids to leak into body (swollen feet), lung tissues.

Successful treatment depends on the underlying cause of the low EF.  Medication reduces the heart's workload, increases heart contraction, etc.  If the low EF is the result of heart muscle damage from a prior heart attack, viral, drugs, medication, alcohol, etc., there may not be anything helpful and is the result of dead heart cells that impair contractions...if and when there is stem cell therapy, the best that can be done is to slow progression with medication.  
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There is STEM CELL THERAPY!!  And I just had it done, on Nov. 11.  My EJ was 12-15%.  I had a virus attack an otherwise good heart.  I am an American.  Procedure can't be done here in US because of FDA - not yet.  So, I had blood drawn in the US by my American Cardiologist.  It was flown to Israel - MY stem cells were replicated - to 23 MILLION!!  One week later I met my Doctor in the DR and 23 Million Stem Cells were put into my heart and vascular system - some were already growing NEW heart tissue!!  ...the success rate is incredible.  I'd be glad to share my story with anyone interested and keep you posted on how I do.  But, already I am feeling much better!!
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It is very interesting, please tell us about it! Good to hear you are feeling much better! Had your EF went up suddenly? May I ask how much it cost to you?  
I just did a Wikipedia search, it is very fascinating. Few years and we can get….” tooth replacement therapy by year 2015-2018 “,but I am afraid it will cost far too much and will not  available for an  ordinary person…..will see…I hope still be around then at least.:)

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I'd be only too happy to share my STEM CELL experience!  Everyone should be aware there can be other options - even when told there are no more options - except a heart transplant.  You asked about cost...$54,000 cash for the procedure(insurance doesn't cover out of country) - does not include flights and hotels.. EF changes take place from one month up to 6 months after procedure.  Pretty much after 6 months - where ever you are that is where you will be.  Over an 80% chance of improvement.  I will be having a test soon.  I had to have a 90% blockage taken care of when I returned from the stem cell procedure.  The Doctor said when he did the procedure my heart was "stronger" than when he did the first angiogram...1 year ago when I was diagnosed with virus.  Important to remember - the 23 million stem cells were generated from my OWN STEM CELLS - not embryonic....so there is no issue with rejection.
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Thank you for answering. Expensive, but dollars are just dollars, and we have only one heart. I like the part; those cells were your own stem cells. I would feel bad to get any organ even cells from other people .Stay around ,that what you have still very new, people can learn ,but first must  be familiar with the idea.
  See many people on that board ask a question then never come back for the answers, like the original poster. Hope he/she does because you have a good story to share, and I think all of us gave something useful for his/her father.
Happy New Year to You!...and ALL writing or was/will be reading that topic.:)
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