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15% EF, triple valve blockage , Bypass


My father (62y male non-smoker non-drinker, vegetarian) has been diagnosed with triple valve blockage. His LV EF is 15%.
History of heart attack in 2012. Operated with thrombosis.

His 3 arteries are blocked as per angiography reports.
LAD- 90-100%
Lcx: Om3: 100%
RCA D: 100% mid

His PET-CT scan shows good heart condition and chances of recovery
"Hibernating myocardium in the apical, antero-septal/septal and inferior walls. Remaining myocardial segments show maintained perfusion at rest. Area of hibernation: 25-30%"

Please advise if a CABG can be performed successfully on him? What are his chances of surviving the same and will his life quality improve after the procedure?
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Your father could benefit from a succesfull bypass surgery. His EF could go up again when the now hibernating heart areas become active again when fed with sufficient blood.

Whether CABG is possible and what the risks are, is not possible for me to say. That requires much more information about the condition of the patient and much more knowledge that I have.  
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