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15 year old daughter's borderline echocardiogram

Just wanted some input on these reading's from my daughters echocardiogram.

Ao root diameter value( 2.4) / z-score 0.38/ predicted 2.3 / normal range 1.8-2-9
LA dimension  value(2.1cm) / z- score -0.87 / predicted 2.4 / normal range 1.8-3.0

Ao root diam(vs.BSA(haycock) value 2.4 cm / z -score 0.28 / predicted 2.4 / normal range 1.9-2.8

IVSd   value 1.2cm / z-score 2.9 / predicted 0.81 / normal range 0.57- 1.04
LV Thick/diam. value 0.24 / z - score 2.0 / predicted 0.19 / normal range 0.13-0.24
LVIDs  value 2.4 / z-score  -1.4 / predicted 2.8 / normal range 2.3 -3-4
FS (mm) value 34.8% / z-score  -0.08 / predicted 35.1 / normal range 29.0-42.5
LV mass  value 117.6 grams / z- score 0.80 / predicted 100.7 / normal range 69.0-147.0
LVIDd  value 3.7 / z-score  -2.1 / predicted 4.4 / normal range 3.8 -5.0
LVPWd  value 0.90 / z- score 1.4 / predicted 0.76 / normal range 0.56. - 0.96

The pediatric heart Dr said the Eco showed  2 places of thickness. He now wants my daughter to wear a 30 day monitor. The reason for seeing the heart dr was her regular dr referred us because she has been complaining of dizziness, heart beating fast, fluttery feelings, headaches, stomach aches, being very tired, and she's pale. They had run a lot of test for the tiredness and her being pale. They all came back fine. My daughter is a type 1diabetic and has had seizures for which she was medicine for two years. She is off the seizure med now for about 8 months. She also takes medicine for add. Do these readings look like she's now having heart issues. The nurse said the heart Dr wasn't concerned about the finding on the echocardiogram. So I'm just wondering why the heart monitor.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  

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The echo readings do not look concerning. The echo can not reveal arrhythmias though.
The heart monitor logs all unusual heart rhythm events and those can be analyzed later by the cardiologist.
Thank you for your response.
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