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2-D echo report

Below are  my Dad's 2 -D echo report  results..Can any one please tell me how good are the results or there is pain area?

Mitral Valve                         :Normal
Tricuspid Valve                    :Normal
Pulmonary Valve                 :Normal
Aortic Valve                         :Normal
Left Atrium                         : 4.12 cms

Left Ventricle:                                      IVSD:1.3 cms        LVPWD:1.25 cms
                                                               EDD : 4.92 cms       EF:68 %
                                                               ESD  : 3.6 cms        
RWMA                                  : Inferior wall Hypokinetic
RIGHT ATRIUM                : Normal
RIGHT VENTRICLE        :  Normal
Aorta                                    :  3.01 cms
IAS                                        : Normal
IVS                                        : Intact
Pulmonary Artery               : Normal
Pericardium                         : Normal
SVC,IVC                              : Normal
Pulmonary Veins                 : Normal
Intracardiac Masses            : Normal

Doppler:                                           MV  : E:0.72 m/sec A : 0.62 m/sec EDT :142 m/sec
                                                          AJV : 1.30 m/sec PJV : 0.98 m/sec PAT: 126 m/sec

Colour Flow Imaging : No MR/AR / PR/TR

Conclusions                 :CAD
                                       RMWA +
                                       Fair LV Function
                                       No Pericardial Effusion
                                       Mild LV Clot
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Hi ashwin06,

The echocardiogram results you have provided raise the following concerns:

- Despite the overall left sided pump function being in the normal range, there is 'regional variation' in how the heart is pumping. Regional variation means some parts of the heart are stronger than others and this may be seen in patients with a past history of heart attack. Heart attacks lead to scarring of the heart, seen as regional variation on echo.
- The specific region that is reduced is the 'inferior wall'. This can be associated with disease in the right coronary artery or the left circumflex artery.
- There is evidence of hypertrophy or thickening of the heart. This is most commonly associated with high blood pressure.

One significant concern is the comment relating to LV clot. Clot in the left ventricle or left sided pumping chamber may be associated with a prior heart attack or significantly reduced pumping function. If the clot enters the circulation it can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. The presence of a clot in the left ventricle requires blood thinning medications (commenced after doctors have ruled out any reasons why blood thinning medications shouldn't be taken). I would recommend that your father discuss the echo report with his doctor.

Take care and good luck.
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