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2 questions about eating unhealthy and heart issues

Hi yes, a few questions please.

1. I am 23 really skinny and but I eat unhealthy I eat a lot of junk food because there is really ever anything to eat sometimes I can even go without a meal but when I do eat I eat really fast and can't help it I can eat a mcds meal in 10 or 15 minutes and I drink a lot of drinks that have a lot of sugar
Where am I headed?
2. Can eating really fast especially like fast food cause heart failure? Or clog arteries? Can my heart get clogged and congestive by all this?

Lately I have been getting this shocking feeling in my chest near my heart and im scared its cause im being lead to heart failure or some other issue but is that shocking feeling normal? I also have asthma as well
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At 23 I very much doubt you have clogged arteries. However, your lifestyle will lead to future problems. Sugar in high volumes is a no no, it causes artery disease. The WHO recommends 3 teaspoons of sugar a day as a maximum. Fast food isn't such an issue as long as you get the nutrition you require. The foods we eat contribute very little to our cholesterol levels, except for sugar. Other contributors for heart disease include long levels of stress, lack of exercise, smoking.
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When you say stress does it have to be stress to the point where your getting head aches or justany kind of stress even if its alittle bit? I stress so often with my anxiety and OCD but it goes away quick that's provably my only problem but can I get heart disease from that?
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Fast food often contains a lot of salt which increases blood pressure.
High blood pressure can be a factor in developing heart disease.
Generally fast food is low on fibers and the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat is far from optimal.

Eating fast does not cause heart disease, but it probably means that you chew less than you should. This means that big chucks of food have to pass your esophagus what might explain the "shocking feeling" in your chest.
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Any stress levels should be avoided for long periods of time. You know, not many people even realise that they are stressed.
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