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23 with LVH, please answer my question this time, you ignored me last time

Ive had hypertension since 21 and just recently an ekg showed mild LVH and an echo showed mild LVH but the nephrologist said it was harder to see than on the EKG.

1.  Can I still play soccer with my LVH?
2.  Will this lower my life expectancy?
3. Can this explain my erectile dysfunction?

I take Losartan 100, Toprol 12.5 and HCTZ for hypertension

Life isnt easy dealing with ED and hypertension at 23, please dont ignore my question
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Without being able to review your entire history it will not be possible to give you an exact answer.  Based on what you have described you have hypertension, erectile dysfunction, and mild left ventricular hypertrophy on both your electrocardiogram and echocardiogram.  

It is essential that you control your hypertension as best as you can to prevent further progression of LVH.  LVH refers to the thickening of the heart muscle as a response to high blood pressure.  It is not uncommon to have erectile dysfunction accompany hypertension.

To answer your questions specifically
1.  Can I still play soccer with my LVH?  yes, as long as you have been seen by a physician and they have said that aerobic activity is ok
2.  Will this lower my life expectancy?  uncontrolled hypertension can lead to many things such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney problems, and more so yes, if not controlled, hypertension can lower your life expectancy
3. Can this explain my erectile dysfunction?   Yes.  
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Personally I take atenolol  100mg daily, losartan 25mg, and HCTZ 12.5mg , plus escitalopram 5mg daily, clonazepam, 0.5mg twice daily, metformin 1000mg am. ,januvia. 100mg am. crestor 10mg and metformin 500mg at night., I've been diagnosed with LVH (mild ) since 2001 and I have never once suffered from ED from these Meds and I'm  going on 49 years old, i'm doing  well  BP average around 117/76 pulse 70, and Glucose around 115 daily. I would suggest that your anxiety over a problem that is mild or maybe even non existence might be causing your problem rather the meds itself, relax and you might find  a big difference , of course I admit that we are all different and respond differently, but anxiety might be your biggest culprit, Good luck.
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Thanks for the response ticker, you made me alot less worried about the lvh.

Unfortunately as far as the ED goes its definitely physical because I dont get morning erections or spontaneous erections, ever. I also don't think its related to my meds but my main doctor refuses to send me to a urologist at my age. Last year I had no problems

As for the anxiety its greatly improved since taking xanax 2x daily for the last few months.
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Thank you doctor heart,

In treatment for ED at this age have you had any younger men like me with ED? How did you treat them and were they able to return to normal sexual function?

Thank you doctor
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