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26 male previous DVT in right leg, now maybe another in left?

I am a 25 year old male. I was diagnosed with a DVT in my right let at the age of 19 since then it has went away but left damage in the deep vein causing some minor circulation problems but nothing like it was before. I can now walk freely without pain for long periods of time.
   Recently I have a problem in my left leg. About 2 months ago i went into emergency with a very painful lump on the left side of my groin. At first the doctors thought it was a hernia, but later changed their minds and said it was a stone problem and after testing found that it was niether. The lump stayed but the pain went away so i left it alone. A couple days ago i went back into emergency with pain from the same lump but now is efecting my whole left leg. The symptoms are the same as my DVT 6 years before minus the swelling and discoloring. I cannot walk more then 100 feet without having to rest. I feel pain from my inner quad and groin. After resting for a couple minutes I can walk for another 100 feet, but it is a very painful process. I am a Canadian currently living in Taiwan for work, I dont want to blame the doctors here, but i do feel that they are not looking in the right places, for the run constant tests on me, including dopler and MRI and can find nothing. I know myself this is a circulation problem its obvious to me, due to the pain in the leg the pulsating lump and the fact the my leg is constantly cold and tired. I am hoping someone reads this and has a suggestion for me. I am not a doctor but from what I have been reading I would be leaning towards a Femoral Artery Aneurysm, or another DVT although it is very uncommon for it to be in my left leg. If anyone hasd any ideas or suggestions for me I would love it. I feel alone here. Thanks
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Is it possible to find another doctor quickly? Have you gone to an internist? How about ER's? DVT's are nothing to take lightly, so you should pursue this further right away--like today. It does seem odd for someone your age to be getting recurring DVT's-so don't take this lightly-and good luck!.
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One of the biggest problem I am having is the language problem. It is hard to explain and have then understand completly my previous contition and I have no medical records here. It is also imposible to find a proper GP to get a step in the right direction. I am left to ER rooms and doctors who take a 2 minute look and seem to always send me in the wrong direction. I am kind of left up to my own to find a specialist and go to the right doctor. Any Idea of what sort of specialist i might need to see.  
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I am sorta in the same boat as you are.  I have my first DVT at the age of 34 and I just got another as of two days ago I am now 41.  Both have travelled.  The first became a PE and it eventually cut off an vein to my small intestines and needless to say I no longer have it.  It has made things speedy. It was a three surgery process over four days.  Many things changed for me after that.  Most specifically my eating tolerances.  So now I have a second DVT and it has also become a PE in my lungs.  I am fearful of its movement and the probabilities of me surviving ie brain, heart, or any other area it may travel too.  You are not alone.  I now take injections.  Previously I was taking a high level of Coumadin only.  I am no longer advised to take it as I am taking an injection blood thinner.  Keep after the doctors there.  For example I am mostly a vegetarian, my glucose levels have dropped, and I have an iron and white blood count deficiency.  Try to find a hematologist if you can.  As I am no longer taking Coumadin and am under the care of a hematologist to try and find out why my blood continues to clot after years of taking blood thinners.  
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