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Hello sir,

Recently 2 days back, i had pain rightside of my chest. Then i went to physician he checked my cholestrol and sugar levels which are
cholestrol-total :225 ,
Triglycerides : 171 and
random sugar 117 after seeing those reports doctor suggested me to go for Echo test , where the test results shows the following :
Echo window: poor,
LA/AO : 39.0/35.1mm,
EF B-Mode 2D ED: 65% ,
Mitral : Normal, MVF:E>A ,
Tricuspid: Normal,
Aortic: Normal,
Pulmonary: Normal,
Chambers : Concentric LVH ,
Septum : Intact,
RWMA : Nil,
Clot: NoClot ,
Aorta/IVC : Normal,
Pulmonary/Artery : Normal,
Pericardium : No Effusion,
Situs: Solitus,
Conclusion : Concentric LVH, Good LV & RV Function, No Regional wall motion Abnormality, No Clot/Pericardium Effusion.

Please let me know the status of this report.. iam overwieght ( 115 kg's) ... so, iam very afraid that i have heart blocks .. My doctor suggested me  a drug for cholestrol ( DAZTOR 10) and asked me to maintain good diet and walking  before its too late ....

Please let me know the status clearly about my  report ... thanks in advance ... will be waiting for report analysis and advices...

Thanks & Regards,
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The main issues I can see are 1. your weight. 18 stone is very heavy 2. your cholesterol which probably reflects bad diet (hence the weight) 3. your left ventricle hypertrophy (concentric).
There are 2 types of hypertrophy. Eccentric is when the heart chambers increase with no extra muscle support forming, so the walls get thinner. This eventually leads to heart failure. Then there's concentric where the chamber internal size usually remains the same, but the heart muscle thickens to pump harder. People who are overweight can get either but obviously the concentric is the better of the two, those can be considered the lucky ones.
So I think the conclusion is, you have warning signs about your weight. Your heart is adapting to push blood around your body more efficiently, but as yet hasn't had any permanent damage.
The advice your Doctor has given you is spot on and I would take it very seriously or you will end up with problems down the road. I would consume very little fat, and lots of fruit and vegetables. Exercise is just as important. Just start with a gentle walk for 30 mins a day, nothing strenuous.
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Hello sir,

Your advices are valuable to me.. i will try to maintain good diet and as well as regular exercise..
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Based on the results of the echocardiogram (also called an echo)  you have entered here it appears that the pumping action of your heart is good although the person doing your test did not have have the clearest view (“echo window: poor”).
Your cholesterol level is less than 200 and your random blood sugar level is less than 140, which is good.  It will be important to add (as best you can) regular aerobic exercise and try to adhere to a diet low in fat.
If you have recurrent chest pain, you will need to be urgently reviewed by a physician.
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total cholestrol is not less than 200 my friend... please check my report one more time.... based on that, please give me ur advise and ur analysis.... thanku my friend
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In the UK we are advised to keep triglycerides down to around 1.4mmol.L which is around 124 in your system. There is more than one type of LDL and according to research, one is looking not to be the bad guy but the smaller heavier one is. High trigs are usually a sign that you have a high level of the bad guys but what you eat has a major impact on this. Do you drink lots of sugary things like soda, or eat lots of sweet things. Alcohol and processed sugar are believed to cause the liver to make the bad type of LDL.
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Hello sir my ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY report shows MILD TR 24 mm.Hg. PASP 27 mm. WHAT DOES IT MEANS.
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