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2D Echo result

I am only 22 and I experience shortness of breath for almost a month I finally went to see for a doctor to make an appointment for my issue doctor here is the results can you help me what does this mean I am confused

2D echo:

Normal left ventricular dimension with left ventricular mass index of 41 gm/m2 and relative wall thickness of 0.32 with adequate wall motion and contractility

Normal left atrial dimension with normal left atrial volume index of 18 ml/m2

Normal right atrial and right ventricular dimension with good contractility (tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion = 1.67cm

Normal main pulmonary artery and aortic root dimensions

Floppy anterior mitral valve leaflet with no restriction of motion

Structurally normal triscupid valve, aortic valve and pulmonic valve


Normal mitral inflow filling pattern and mitral annular velocity with E/E' of 6.2

Mitral regurtation, trivial

Tiicuspid regurtation, trivial

Noraml Pulmonary Artery Pressure ( 21mmHg by TR jet)

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A short summary of the report:

you have trivial leakage of the mitral and triscupid valve. Many people have valve leakages and trivial leakage is NOT a problem.

Your mitral valve leaflets are a bit floppy but open very well. A floppy mitral valve is also called mitral valve prolapse. It means that the valve leaflets slightly bulge into the left atrium when they are closed. This is normally not a problem although some symptoms of it can be experienced. From the bulging, the mitral valve can sometimes leak (regurgitate), but this is not so in your case.

Besides this everything is normal.
It seems to me that your heart is not the cause of your shortness of breath.
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oh thank you so much Im just really worried :( so I have MVP? is there any mediacation I need to take? do you have any idea why I am experiencing shortness of breath?
No medication is needed for MVP.
Only when the floppy valve significantly leaks, it can cause shortness of breath. In your case there is hardly any leakage, so I cannot connect your shortness of breath with the MVP.
Shortness of breath can have (often quite simple to solve) causes like anemia.
I advice you to go back to your GP for further testing.
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my doctor advised me to do 2d echo every 6 months to monitor I am worried I am only 22 wht is this happening?
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Mitral regurtation, trivial

Tiicuspid regurtation, trivial

can you help me interpret this? I am not medical enclined and this is all new to me
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