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2d Echo result

2d echo:

-Normal left ventricular geometry with normal left ventricular wall motion and contractility
-normal left atrial diameter with normal atrial volume index
-normal right atrium, right ventricle, main pulmonary artery and aortic root dimension
-structurally cardiac valves
-no evidence of intracardiac mass or percardial eflusion

- normal transmital inflow pattern
-mosaic color flow display across mitral valve and trcuspid valve during systole
-normal pulmory artery systolic pressure

-Normal left ventricular geometry with normal left ventricular wall motion and systolic fnction
-normal left ventricular diastolic function
-MILD mitral regurgitation and tricuspid regurgitation
-normal pulmonary artery systolic pressure

>>> is it alarming? do i need more test? i often experience heart palpitation, shortness of breath, feeling tired/dizzy, hand tremors and chest discomfort/pinching when breathing. had a hypertension 140-100. maintenance med is Carvedilol. my Xray result was Normal, ECG normal,.. I am 24 years old. help me.  thanks.
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Your echo report is NOT alarming. There is only mild regurgitation of the mitral and tricuspid valves. This is found in very many people and gives no side effects.

Now that a heart disorder is ruled out, an explanation needs to be found for your symptoms. At least some of them could be related to the Carvedilol.
What did your GP/cardiologist say about your symptoms?
Hi there. You seem to be stressing regarding the Echo result? Its a very good result and you should have confidence in your doctor and maybe try relax a little bit? Maybe the Beta blocker your taking is causing side effects? They can do. Write down all your symptoms and go back to your doctor. If you plan stopping the Beta blocker, caution is advised. Suddenly stopping this medication is not advised, Slow reductions over time is necessary.
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my cardiologist told me 5 days ago that the result was fine. he told me to stop the taking of carv medication, so i stop it immediately. i already stopped the intake of carvedilol 5 days ago (it was just 25mg daily) then the symptoms i am experiencing right now is palpitation (almost most of the day especially lying down), i also experienced shortness of breath almost all day.

are these the side effects of stopping carvedilol immediately?  thank you Ger57!
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i stopped the medication after my doctor told me to stop it. it was just 25mg daily. i experiencing palptation, shortness of breath, diziness all day like i am drunk. i dont smoke or drink. are these side effects of the med? how to get rid of this? its killing me. please help me out..
Hi there. Im not a doctor but here is my experience. I was taking a beta blocker, when the doc tried to withdraw it, I felt a lot like you describe, Palps, racing heart dizzy etc. Due to this they had to re start me on a low dose every second day! So for the moment i am stuck with them.
I also experienced palpitations when I lowered my betablocker dose. This effect did not last very long though (couple of weeks). So it could very well be that the symptoms you experience will subside in a short time too.
Good luck!
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