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64 slice CT scan

I want to know if anyone out there has had the 64 slice CT scan and if they got their insurance to cover this darn thing.  I am in the middle of trying to get my insurance to pay for this test before I get it done.  Please any help in this matter would be great.

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I had one about 1.5 years ago. My insurance had just negotiated coverage of this test. So it paid for it (bcbs). The test was 100% accurate as shown by a cath 4 days later. Believe it or not, separate from the cardiology interpretation was a page that listed other conditions mainly concerning the lungs. You have to get the actual test results though, to see the non-cardiac related data. No one ever mentioned these findings to me or my PCP. I had evidence of previous granulomatous disease and nodes in my lungs.

There are certain criteria used to justify the test. I forgot exactly what they are, but your doctor must be behind you.

I would suspect that age is one prerequisite. Another is that you should probably have had a nuclear stress test with positive results for myocardial ischemia.

This test gives a high dose of ionizing radiation.

Good luck :)

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My Aetna insurance refused to pay even though my cardiologist fought for me and it was justified based on an abnormal nuclear test. Rather than have a cath-angiogram, I paid for the CT-A out of my own pocket ($900) just to avoid the hospital stay.
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Florida Hospital will do one here for $1,050.  Not small change by any means but a great deal better than the over 4K they charged my insurance.  Get your docs office to fight for you, mine did and it was covered.  

Good luck and I hope you get it covered!
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I already have had an angiogram and am having a biopsy on the 11th of Sept.  I just don't know how much I should fight for this test.  I know my doctors will fight on my behalf with the insurance company, maybe I should just wait til I have my biopsy.  There aren't many tests left that haven't been done on me, only ones would be stress tests.  My doctor wants the CT to see if perhaps a car accident could have caused my problems before we find out if I really do have ARVD (Right Ventricular Dysplasia).  ARVD is mostly a genetic disorder, really hoping I don't have this.  I really don't want to find out that my sons could be possible carriers of this disease.  Anyway, thanks for all the feedback on the CT scan, I am so mad at the insurance companies right now.  Who do you contact to complain about the lack of coverage on such a valuable test.  By the way, my hospital wants to charge 1300 and another one wants 1500 bucks...I am only 37 with two small children, I can't afford to shell out that much on top of all my deductibles and copays.  AARRRRGGGHHH!  
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Have you called customer relations at your insurance provider and asked if there are any conditions where they do cover the 64 slice ct scan?

Is your doctor specifically asking or wanting a 64 Slice Coronary Artery CT Scan? This 64 slice ct technology is being used for all organs/parts of the body. I don't know if he could change the reason for the test though. Your insurance may not pay for this latest computed tomography scanning. That is outrageous if so....Your insurance company should have a web site showing your coverages, and special test coverage also. Check them out.

I would complain to my state board of insurance....whatever it's called, if this test is not covered.
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I had one done six weeks ago.  The provider told me that Blue Cross/Blue Shield would not pay for it.  They called it "investigational."   I learned today they actually did pay for it, less the deductible.  
That may be bad news for me because I negotiated a price in advance that I would pay the Medicare reimbursement rate.  Because I have a relatively high deductible, now that BC/BS has paid, my portion is going to be more than I had originally negotiated.   The provider also indicated they were very surprised my insurance paid, because they have turned down all the others.  I should mention the 64 slice ct has only been up and running three months.  
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