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70% Artery Blockage !

My uncle just had a angioplasty & it went fine he was there in the icu for 48 hours then he was sent home. After 4 days he had a heart attack again because there were some blood clots blocking the artery which were removed when he was taken to the hospital the second time. He was then there in the hospital for 12 days because they were givin him blood thining medications. He came home after that now hes taking some blood thining medications, omega3 fish oil tablets, taking care of his diet but still has chest pain.
He recently went to see the doctor & they found out that he has 70% blockage in one artery & 20% in one. After this detail I just wana ask can medicines cure 70 % blockage ? Or should we go for another angioplasty or is there any other solution ?
Thank You !
Fariha from Pakistan
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The protocol usually is to treat <70%  blockages with medication if the medication effectively treats the symptom(s). I have had a 72% blockage of a coronary artery for more than 6 years and treated with medication.  There has been no progression and if and when I have angina (chest pains) I take a nitro pill.

There are 3 options available for CAD: medication, stent implant and bypass and that only treats the symptom...there is no cure.  If medication doesn't prevent angina (chest pain due to ischemia), then the ischemia may require a stent implant, and a by-pass if the circumstances prevent stenting.

Thanks for sharing, and if you have any further questions feel free to post.

hello i know it passes six year after this post, but i want to know if at this time 2017, you still treat your blockage with medicine. i was diagnosed with a 70% blockage on te mid LAD, mi cardiologist said me that i need a cateterization but i refuse and went for medication i no have any symptoms, but i dont know how long these works only with medicactions and lifestyle changes,
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As it has been stated in above post, it doesn't cured by medication and they just stop the pain and this medication is required for life long but it is also dangerous. Your uncle doesn't feel like he is healthy and always feels like he has blockage in his heart.

I would suggest to get angiogram in good hospital where they point all blocks at a time based on that they can clear blocks via angioplasty if blocks are only two blocks, even here not sure whether they can clear with stent as it is reached 70%.

If he is healthy and not a aged (60 above) person I would suggest to go for BY PASS surgery where they clear all blockages in his heart and medication to prevent new blockages.

If your option is to go for BY PASS then post here I would give some precaution which doctors might not check before BY PASS.
If you have any further questions fell free to post.
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Thank you so much guys !  
Yes, he also take Nitro pill & they have inserted a stent in on of his artery when he first went then he was sent home but had a heart attack again because the clot blocked the stent area so they inserted the balloon to suck all the clots. @ Kenkeith  

Hes 54 & I'll let you know if he thinks of gettin a by pass @ Amalesward

Thanks again both of you.
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You've gone through the same thing so am gona ask you about your deit. What changes did you make & what did you eat for few months when you had angioplasty ? Because I think walking & maintaining your diet is very important.
& also let me know which cookin oil you use olive oil, regular vegetable oil (but in small quantity) or some other oil ?
Thank you.
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I never had a weight problem, nor has my cholesteral been very high, no family history of a heart problem, etc. so I was shocked to learn I had had a silent heart attack and was now in congested heart failure mode (6 years ago). I had an enlarged left ventricle, totally blocked LAD (has collateral vessels), RCA was 98% blocked and stented, a 72% blocked circumflex (no stent), and an EF 13 to 29%. Currently my heart is normal size and pumping normally, and I have not had 1 day of feeling ill...not even a headcold, but I do have moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation (no symptoms).

My current medication is an ACE iinhibitor and beta blocker to manage blood pressure.  When I go for a workout (weights and treadmill) I take a nitrate 3 times a week. My doctor (non interventional) suggested if I was interested in EECP therapy for angina that would be available.  There has been some success with that procedure (about 80%), and I wouldn't need to take a nitrate pill if the therapy is successful.  That therapy is a non invasive procedure, and may be appropriate for some pts.

I have provided a link that informs interested individuals for a heart healthy diet that may interest you.
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Thank you so much sir for the diet link I'll show that to my uncle.
Yes, even am shocked to hear that & same is the case with my father now he has controled his diet & takin medicines so Allhumdulilah hes fine now.=)
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