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A Little Concerned

Yesterday my Cardiologist gave me the results of my echo. My gradient is increasing, so he scheduled a TEE(Transesophageal Echocardiogram).

Having had two OHS in the past, the only time I have had TEE's was when they knew my valve was in bad shape, and that OHS was going to be needed. So, now I've got to believe that I'm back on that same road again. My cardiologist told me he just wanted to check it out to get a better picture. But I've gotta believe that he is pretty concerned about it to schedule a TEE.

Has anyone had a TEE done and not had to have surgery afterward? Or had a TEE because the doctor wanted to be on the safe side? For me, they were pretty sure I needed to have OHS before hand.

Thanks for your answers!
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Doctors by their profession are required to be conservative and not take unnecessary risks. A TEE sometimes is necessary to get an more accurate view when by a regular chest echo ultrasound waves may be obstructed by other organs, etc.  Your doctor may have medical concerns that can't be adequately viewed from a chest echo....If you are going to have OHS a TEE under certain circumstances would be required to know exactly what is happening. My 2 cents.

Thanks for your question.  Take care,

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