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A girl's heart rate at 115.

To whom it may concern;
          I have a young friend who is a female at 15 years old and her heartrate is 115. She has had passing out spells and went to a doctor who ran tests and said she had low iron. However, she is not taking her iron pills as she is supposed to. Is this dangerous and serious? Sincerly,
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She should be taking her iron pills as recommended by her doctor.  If she is unable to tolerate the iron pills, her doctor may be able to prescribed different iron pills or liquid that are easier on the stomach.  Also, from an iron frying pan, there is a lot of iron that gets in the food, so she could try cooking with an iron frying pan.  Great iron foods are spaghetti with red pasta sauce and meat.  Also, she could eat cereals with iron.  It is best to eat it dry with a glass of orange juice.  Once she feels her iron has improved, she should get a follow-up blood test at the clinic.  Low iron can produce anemia, swelling of the legs, irregular shaped red blood cells, weakness, dizziness and overall not feeling strong and well.  Children and teenagers can have fast heartrate.  Mine was in the 100's when I was in my early twenties.  Not sure what mine was when I was a kid, but I passed out a lot during teenager years and in my twenties.    
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Thanks so much for your helpful comment.
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A heart rate of 115bpm is not fast and unless there is underlying heart disease, a doctor would more than likely ignore that rate. She does need to take the iron though, she would certainly feel much better. She should probably see a gyn doctor to find out why she is low in iron. Her periods could be too heavy.
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Yes a heart rate of 115 is high if its at a resting state. ANYTHING over 100 is considered tachycardia at a resting rate. Yes younger children do have rapid heart rate but at 15, 115 is still too rapid at a state of relaxation. This means that Her heart is constantly working at a fast paste, that constant contraction of the heart will eventually ware at the cardiac muscle. Especially at such a young age she is going to need strong cardiac muscles for her years to come. This could ultimately lead to heart failure, or enlargement just for starters. I am a nursing student with a concentration in cardiac rehabilitation. I see it too often that people ignore these things and end up with serious Heart problems. I would definitely suggest her going to a cardiologist so that they can recommend what she can do to lower her HR.
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Hey just was reading your post and i am 38 and i have had a high heart rate since i was young like i found out when i was around 12 and now i am having some severe problems they are telling me that it is tachycardia. Well i was just released from the hospital with this. So yes i think as well she needs to go to the cardiologist to get checked. How is her blood pressure with the high heart rate???
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