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I am a 64 year old female.  I asked some questions on the heart rhythm but now I have a couple more.  I am adding this as I noticed I am in "Heart Disease." Does not make a whole lot of difference I guess.  My questions were very well answered in that section.  I have had 3 very symptomatic episodes of AFib and 4 not so intense episodes.  The first was on 5/26/14 lasting about 10 hours. The second came two years later on 6/17/16 with duration of about 5 hours.. I went to the hospital with both of these. An echo and stress test was performed on 6/17/16. The echo, done in sinus rhythm, showed normal systolic and diastolic function with an EF of 55-60%.There was mild to moderate thickening/calcification of anterior and posterior mitral leaflets. Moderately decreased mitral posterior leaflet mobility.  Mild mitral stenosis (mean pressure gradient 5mmHG). Mild dilation of left atrium (4.3 cm). Mild mitral valve regurgitation. Mild mitral annular calcification. Mild-moderate tricuspid regurgitation. Mild pulmonary hypertension.

The stress test stated there does not appear to be any increase in lung uptake. No evidence of significant decreased tracer uptake suggesting ischemia. Gated images show right ventricle to be normal in size and contractility.   Left ventricle noted to be normal in size, wall motion and wall thickening. EF is 71%.  IMPRESSION:  Normal gated Lexiscan Tc-99c scan without any overt evidence of  ischemia.  ECG portion of the study was negative for ischemia. Left ventricular function is normal with an ejection fraction of 71%.

My next episode came on 7/19/16 which was also very symptomatic. It converted in about 3 hours.  Subsequently that week I had 4 smaller episodes, not nearly as symptomatic, lasting about 40-45 minutes (maybe less). I did not go to the hospital with these. I have metoprolol which I took and am on Warfarin.  I have an appt with cardiologist on 8/3/16. It wasn't until November but with my extreme anxiety I felt it best to see him ASAP.    

I just wanted to restate these findings since I found I was in heart disease section. This brings me to my new questions which are: 1.   Does being in this many episodes cause the atrium to further enlarge? 2. What will the enlargement do to an ablation (which I am going to ask for)?  Electrophysiologist guidelines offers ablation as a first option now. 3.  Does Medicare cover ablations? I have tried to find out but had no success.

Sorry I maybe the wrong section but maybe someone could answer the questions. When I found out I just could not retype the whole thing again. This is causing me so much stress and anxiety. Thanking anyone who responds in advance for your answers.
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