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Hi about 10 days ago that i was going to die from sudden cadiac arrest so i went to the doctor and got blood test and ekg and came out okay he gave me lexapro for depression and lorazepam for anxety i read everything i can of sudden cardiac arrest can i it still happen if im healthy eat well and exercise and have no famil history or do i need to see a councler please help me.
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your ok everything came out fine yes you need go see someone it will help a lot. take your meds they will help you to relax. i saw your post and you said it was neg so take that and be happy. live  and  try and relax there are a lot worse out there your the lucky one .
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The medications might help. However counseling would also be very beneficial. The meds will only mask the real problems your having with anxiety and depression. Try counseling. It might even led you to the point where you don't need the meds. Good luck!
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There are thousands of ways you can die, but you seem to be focused on your heart for some reason. Have you been reading something? I think you can put things into perspective a bit more which may help. The human heart is an amazing organ, it's actually the strongest in the body, pumping many times a minute for your entire life without complaining. If you take the human population of the planet and look at the people with heart problems in that population, it will be very small. The vast majority of people lead a long life with no heart issues at all. If blockages start to occur due to a bad lifestyle, such as smoking or nothing but unhealthy food, then it still adapts in many people, opening tiny blood vessels to get blood through.
The majority of hearts on this planet will have pumped a million litres of blood by the time they reach the age of 70. You also have to remember that a huge number of heart problems are treatable. Deaths from heart attacks are less now due to a better understanding. I had a bad heart attack in March this year, and within 20 mins I was in a stable condition. 40 or 50 years ago, I would have died from this.
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