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Abdomen Pains

Recently I've been diagnosed with Post Nasal Disorder.  I was prescibed DMX and Tylenol and the cough has not went away completely but still is present enough to be a disturbance.  I cough up phelgm and sometimes feel nausiated out of no where.  I have had a sharp pain in my upper left back randomly show up and it hurts no matter what, and the left side of my chest aches when I inhale and exhale.  This pain has always occured through out my life very rarely but has become pretty common the last two days.  I also have bubbling pains in my left side of my chest when I'm laying down, should I see a doctor ASAP?
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Chest/back pain with inhaling and exhaling is usually due to irritation in the lungs or the linings around the lugs, it's called pleurisy. Heart pain is not usually sharp in nature, it's more of a pressure described as a squeezing or weight on your chest. This sounds more related to your cough than your heart. If you start to experience any other cardiac symptoms like shortness of breath, feeling light headed or dizzy with excessive sweating you should seek medical help. Otherwise, I would call my doctor or his service for advice. I'm not a doctor, you know your body and when something is wrong so you have to act accordingly.

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I forgot to mention I'm a healthy 17 year old male.  
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