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Ablation Procedure

Wow finally got one in!  44 female was in good shape until last abaltion, just have not been able to do much, I get all kinds of symtoms worst one dazed and confused feeling, will hit mid sentence with customers.  Very embarassing

I am scheduled to go to Duke (Dr Bahnson) next week for second ablation, 1st  ablation was in April 04 for PSVT, re-entry loop was happening.  Since then have had only one event of psvt end of Sept. but very symtomatic to point of not being able to drive at times, rate all over the place with PACs / PVCs.

Since end of sept event something happened it was really tough one like no other.  So had all tests, monitor reports event and holtor shows definite issues and they want to do another for eptopic atrial tach, each time i stand or use any effort the rate goes up to 150's and stays.  They say they will get the PVCs hopefully too.

My Questions

An EP study is neccessary for each ablation isn't it?

Will the PVCs kick in harder if the tach is ablated and they don't get all PVCs or can one develop more?

In most cases do you give some kind of beta blocker or something else right after procedure besides aspirin?

Are there different cathetors used to ablate diff foci?

1st ablation dr said he couldn't get the PVCs didn't have right cath.  Saw them all over. I have terrible pressure and discomfort in chest to point of not being able to wear a bra for year or so.  

I am a builder and outside and in office.  I'm trying hard to ignore all this discomfort but there are days I just can't do it

Thank you so much for your time
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Sorry you've had trouble posting, it seems the demand is pretty high.

An EP study is neccessary for each ablation isn't it?

There are different variations to EP studies depending on the target.  For example, if you know someone has atrial flutter, there is no need to try to induce sustained VT.  The methods will vary depending on the target.

Will the PVCs kick in harder if the tach is ablated and they don't get all PVCs or can one develop more?

Good question, but I don't know if such a relationship exists.  There may be some more feed back from other posters later today.

In most cases do you give some kind of beta blocker or something else right after procedure besides aspirin?

Not usually for atrial arrhythmias that we think were succesfully ablated.

Are there different cathetors used to ablate diff foci?

There are many different types (sizes, shapes, etc) of catheters.  Anyone catheter can usually do the job as long as it has the shape to attain good contact with the area of interest.

I hope this next ablation works for you.  Thanks for posting....

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Hi Cashiers,
I'm curious to know at what age you began to have symptoms of the SVT, if you don't mind me asking. I'm also curious to know what you thought of the Cardios at Duke.  I have been there once, and am also a Carolinian!!  Are you from the Cashiers area?
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Yes I am from Cashiers.  PSVT started when I was around 20 yr, I am now 44.  Through the yrs it would happen every few yrs then became more often til last 4 yrs was many times then last yr could feel come on almost weekly or daily. off and on different blockers just don't agree with me.

I first went to charlotte Cardio. Had 1st ablation there seemed to help with the wild svt.  Until end of sept had an event after wearing event monitor for month this showed alot going on many diff arrythmias from all over.  

The doc at charlotte felt it was to much to deal with for him so got referred to Duke and I located chief of ablation services. Dr Bahnson  Been there once and liked him seemed very efficent.  Had many tests next day, echo, stress, blood work.  Had already had Heart cath, new I was clear.  Went home with 48 hr holter which showed alot.  He did put me on prescribed potassium, magnesium, these levels were very below normal.  Checked thyroid (normal).  All in all so far so good with Duke.  I will see him on 13 then 15 is procedure.  

Where in Carolinas do you live you can email ***@****
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I have tried for the past 3 months to logg on here and maybe one of these years I will hit the jack-pot.

I have a question:  What is ablation used for?  I have an area of blockage in the distal LAD that they told me they stented until I found out otherwise.  They said there is no hope to unblock this area as it is too small of a vessel and no by pass either. Does anyone know if abalation would help me.  I am in Houston. The mid LAD was stented for 99% but they left the distal LAD.

Thanks to anyone who can answer this. I have no idea if blood is getting through this area.  EF fraction is around 70%.
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Thanks so much Hank,

I got more information from you ( a stranger) than my own docs at a reknowned Medical Center.  I have been worried sick about the residual blockages left in the distal LAD.  Unlike Clinton who aced his tests but had smart enough doctors to go ahead with a Heart Cath, doctors here do not listen to women and their heart complaints.  It was not until I saw a female heart doctor on ABC news in August that I got really mouthy and finally after 3 years of severe chest pains, had a Heart Cath.  By this time, I was 99% blocked in LAD and RCA.   This wonderful female doctor wrote me and said "my mouthiness" saved my life. No, she saved my life.  

Thank again Hank, I will try and post per your instructions. (-:
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I had an ablation 2/2004 for afib, atrial flutter, and pac's at Mayo.

They put me on 50 mg of Atenolol to primarily help with the irritation issue.  Wanted to put in me on an anti-arrythmic drug, but I didn't want to stay in the hospital for 3 more days.

I was also put on coumadin to prevent blod clots developing.

As to catheter size, I really don't know mucha about.  All I know is that they used three catheter openings.  One by each groin and one down my neck.  

So far so good.

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