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Abnormal Stress Test referred to GI Specialist

I am a 36 year old female with a recent abnormal stress test.
I have a history of idiopathic ventricular tachycardia, that was diagnosed in 2010, and I was put on 50 mg of metoprolol. Since on the metoprolol I have had no symptoms of V-Tach. However that last week I have noticed that when I work out I have felt pressure in my chest and shoulder running down my arm as well, but it is not pain. I went to a Cardio Doc it was not my usual one because I have moved out of state. However he did an EKG, Stress Test and an Ultrasound of my Heart. All but one test came back normal, the abnormal one was the stress test which he states he is truly surprised and was not expecting that as I am young and healthy. So he advised that I get a CT Scan done of my heart. I got the CT Scan done and it came back normal according to his MA that called me. She did state that the doctor wanted me to follow up with a GI Specialist, okay now I am totally confused.
Can I please get some direction here?
Just a side note... I have this horrible shoulder pain that runs down my arm, however it is relieved when my husband cracks it (I have no clue how we figured out that it could be cracked but it can) but builds back up with-in hours.

Thank You
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