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Abnormal or normal heart rhythm?

I used a stethoscope and noticed that at random times, my heart rhythm is strange.
I tried recording it with my iPhone but I accidentally cut the recording too early.
But here is it anyway (Listen with with earphone)... Notice at the last 5 seconds of the recording.

Another recording (Lots of background sound so it is hard to catch, just listen after 04:20)

I sounds like extra heart beats followed by longer than normal pause, followed by the next cycle.

Is that normal?
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Hi there. If you are serious about evaluating your heart including its rhythm, you should attend your doctor or a medical professional to check it out. Recording it is not really much use, its a waste of time
Agreed.  And unless you're a doctor, you shouldn't even fool around with a stethoscope.  There's no useful information there for anyone without medical training.
Oh. I had been to like 5 doctors for my occasional chest pressure, chest pain and heart palpitations problem. I had an ECG, stress ecg and 2d echo and the doctors said there is nothing wrong.

However, I am just worried that the tests didn't pick up anything because my symptoms isn't happening at that time.
If you want to use a stethoscope to listen to a heart, this is how to do it:


Of course, you do have to have taken enough classes to understand the terms and the heart's anatomy and physiology.  Without that kind of knowledge on board, you're just goofing around and scaring yourself.
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I agree, a stethoscope doesn't seem to be the right way. But I bought an AliveCor ECG monitor that you attach to your phone - if nothing else, at least it gives you a good indication of what your heart rythm is and go from there. There is a new one out now called "Preventicus Heartbeat" that works entirely in software, but you need an Iphone - don't know what version - or an Android phone with version 5 or 6 which I don't have, so I haven't tried it yet.
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