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Abnormal thallium stress test

I was told that this could be a false reading because I have large breast.  All the reading said was "(“Abnormal gated thallium study” are the exact results).  This could be a false positive, which means there could be absolutely nothing wrong (sometimes women with larger breasts often get an abnormal reading).  Is this correct?  I'm wanting to have gastric bypass but I have to have several test's completed first and this is one.
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It is true images may be blurred in women who are obese, have smaller hearts, or large breasts. If you are obese or have large breasts, the extra tissue may muffle the radioactive energy of the tracer, making it appear that it is not being absorbed as well. This could cause a false positive result—the test indicates a problem but in reality there is none. There can be a false positive but modern nuclear stress tests include computer programs that correct for some of this blurring and muffling.
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