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Above Average Heart Rate

I am a 26 year old male who has been having a high heart rate during exercise since I was in high school.  I had an EKG and stress test completed around the age of 16 and the doctors could not find anything wrong with me.  While at rest, my heart rate is around 60-70 bpm but during exercise, I average above 200 bpm.  On a normal 2 mile run, my heart rate averages out around 206 and reaches a max of 212 as per my Garmin Forerunner.  I am trying to find out what could be causing this.  Any ideas/suggestions?
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There are many different factors can play into how fast your heart will beat during exercise. For consideration would be your body weight, body size, age, gender and other factors can cause your heart rate to differ from another person.

A benefical aorobic exercise for the cardiovascular system is 220 minus age, and to go above that rate for a an extended period of time may have some unfavorable consequences.  You should consult your doctor what is a safe heart rate for you!  My suggestion would be at least don't exceed what is considered normally a safe heart rate during exercise.

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I would take my pulse the old fashioned way to make sure your gamin forerunner is correct.
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This happens to me too. I am 28 years old now but I've always had a really high heart rate during exercise. And I can keep it up over 200 for a prolonged period of time. I was told I have a high o2/co2 ratio. They never did quite explain to me what the heck that meant.
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I am speculating but to the extend your heart rate is greater than recommended with some regularily with aerobic exercise, etc. may increase the left ventricle size with harmful effects.

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