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Aching Calf Muscles

My calf muscles, ache a lot from time to time, and make my legs very tired, sometimes it is better, after walking more and other times no. When the climate is very hot it is sometimes worse and other times no. I am 78years of age, and take medication for Hypetension and Hypothyroid, will this influence the condition?

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It's possible that your medications can be contributing to your symptoms.  I'm not familiar with thyroid medications and their side effects. But, when I first started taking prinivil (an ace inhibitor), my legs felt heavy and weak.  It's possible that the heat is also contributing to your aching calf muscles.

Do you notice that if you're walking and your legs start to ache, and you stop for a minute, you can get some relief?  That's what my Dad was noticing and he found out he had some blockages in his legs.  Talk with your doctor about your symptoms and let us know what you find out.

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Hello, Monto 3, thank you for your comment, no my medication for the hypertention is not one of the "Ace" group and no it is not that kind of a "pain" like I know what yu mean , the pain of "intermitent claudecation" it is just an ache not pain as such, and it only occurs from time to time, maybe I think that my age has something to do with it as well. I will mention it when I next go to the Dr. Thank you.

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Hi there.  Well I have both hypertension and hypothyroid.   I have had a heaviness feeling in my calf's for years were it feels like I can't take another step at times and have to rest for a minute and then go again.   I have been on BP med's for about 5 years and thyroid med's for only ~2 months.  

Since I started the thyroid med's this has eased up.  I would go and get checked by your Dr. if this is new so that they can check your BP, thyroid levels, maybe iron and calcium and a venous doppler if they think it could be an issue with the circulation in your legs.

Take care.
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