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Afib / Aflutter

Hopefully someone can help interpret what i'm going through right now.

43 yrs old, male.  5' 10" 190lbs. Had mitral valve repair 6 months ago.  Two days later readmitted to hospital at which time i was in and out of afib / aflutter.

Given amiodarone to get heart into normal rhythm - didn't work.

Had a number of issue that had to be readmitted to hospital multiple times - including chest pain, blurry vision, palpitations, etc...

Heart was in constant afib / aflutter.  Ablation was schedule 2 1/2 months after initial mitral valve repair.  TEE before ablation found blood clot in left atrial.  Ablation cancel. Amioradone was also stop as cardio fear that putting heart into normal rhythm would release clot from the heart.

3 months later after another TEE clear for ablation.  The ablation took 8 hours to complete, in the end afib is still there.

I have high BP - 180s/135s on average.

Current meds
coumadine - 7.5mg
hydrazine - 100mg x 3
labetalol - 200mg x 3
lisinopril - 40mg
furosemide - 20mg
protonix - 40mg x 2
diltiazem - 180mg

BP is uncontrollable with all these meds.

Previous ECG have always shown abnormal ECG

Latest ECG indicates

Sinus Tachycardia
Premature Atrial Contractions
Borderline First Degree A-V Block
Inferior and lateral ST-T changes
Borderline Abnormal Changes possibly due to myocardial ischemia

Vent rate - 116bpm
RR - 513ms
PR - 208ms
QRS duration - 88ms
QT interval - 330ms
QTc interval - 428ms
QT dispersion - 58ms
PRT axis - 76*   59*-105*

Both cardio and EP suggests a PVI to try to fix the afib.  

Before mitral valve repair surgery afib was not shown.

Is PVI the prudent course of action at this time?
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