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Alarming echo

ASD diagnosed 6 years ago after successful AFib ablation. On Eliquis currently. Asymptomatic currently; ASD not closed
Regular echos fairly normal until last week. Summary below.
Summary 1. Left ventricular chamber dimension is normal in size. 2. There is mildly increased left ventricular wall thickness. 3. Left ventricular systolic function is mildly reduced with a visually estimated ejection fraction of 55-60%. 4. Left ventricular segmental wall motion is normal. 5. The left ventricular diastolic function is grade II diastolic dysfunction. 6. Right ventricular chamber dimension is enlarged. 7. Left atrial chamber dimension is enlarged. 8. Right atrial chamber dimension is enlarged in size. 9. There is mild to moderate tricuspid valve regurgitation. 10. Moderate pulmonary hypertension, estimated pulmonary arterial systolic pressure is 63 mmHg. 11. Atrial septal defect demonstrated right to left shunting by agitated saline. Qp/Qs is 0.87. 12. There is no pericardial effusion.

New cardiologist. Appointment scheduled with cardiac surgeon.

Should I ask for a heart cath to confirm PH?
Could this be an anomaly?
Hard to believe this has happened in one year when nothing in my life changed.
I did have fairly severe Covid 6 months ago treated with Paxlovid
Any encouragement or advice would be appreciated
67 year old male non smoker, non drinker, regular exercise, normal height and weight.
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Pulmonary hypertension is a frequent complication of COVID-19, occurring even in cases with moderate pneumonia. Its evolution over time is not yet well established, but it seems to last longer than it has been appreciated. It appears to be related to the severity of the initial pulmonary injury and the extent of the inflammatory response.”

Evidence of Pulmonary Hypertension after SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Subjects without Previous Significant Cardiovascular Pathology - C Tudoran, M Tudoran, VE Lazureanu, et al.
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