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Allergic reaction to Heart catheterization

I have been on the cath-table 5 times each time I have had the same reaction post-op …
• rashes spots or hives on my arms ( goes way in a few Days)
• Severe rash on my inner legs and buttocks (goes away in 5 days)
• Around two weeks post-op the skin on both hands completely peels off  ( takes additional two weeks to finish, once started)
Prior to my last cath.. I was given IV Benadryl… It did not work…. Same reactions.  My cardiologists seem baffled.  Does anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions?
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this seems obvious so it's probably not true, but I'll post it anyway just in case: are you given heparin or any other anticoagulant during the cath? Heparin is gotten usually from pig intestines or lungs. Some other types are synthetic.
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Yes, but I have had heparin before and never had reactions...these reactions have only happened after cath
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Did they happen to give protamine sulfate to reverse the heparin afterwards? If so, are you diabetic?

Or how about the local anesthetic? Did they use procaine?

Or how about the contrast dye used for imaging?

Latex allergy?

And next time, you can ask them to give corticosteroids beforehand, instead of the antihistamine, to try and lessen the reaction.
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