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Am I or my son at risk?

My father passed away a few months ago from a massive heart attack at the age of 57. After learning that all of his aunts and uncles had passed away from a heart attack before the age of 60, I am now wondering if I am at risk for a heart defect? He was in okay health, active, non-smoker, but did not eat well and was overweight. He hadn't seen a doctor for as long as I knew him, but I know he had high blood preassure. My mother opted not to have an autopsy done, figuring it was a general clogged artery, but now I'm questioning if I or my son could be at risk if this is a common thread between the family deaths. I am 28 and in great health as far as I know. Thanks for any advice you can give...
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Because your father died young from a heart attack you and your family are at risk for having the same in the future.  We don't know what the risk is, but generally, we recommend that you start as early as possible with primary prevention.  That means not smoking, eating well, exercising, avoiding stressful situations, losing weight, controlling blood pressure and diabetes.  There are some things in the blood that we can test for.  Your doctor can help you with that.  I would get a cholesterol profile, CRT and Lpa checked first.  
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You are certainly at risk because of your family history. Go see a Cardiologist or a family doctor.Get your cholesterol and other blood work done and checked. It is a simple blood test with fasting. Simple tests, medication and life style will prolong your life.
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