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Angina pain with normal ECG ?

Yesterday I was eating a snack and watching tv when I felt this strong pressure pain in the center of my chest. I tried ignoring it but the pain was to intense. Any movement made my pain intensify. I also had pain in the jaw and trouble breathing. I trayed laying down and that helped a little but when I got back up and trayed to walk the pain returned. It felt like someone Was standing on my chest. I would push on it with two fingers and that would cause the pain to increase significantly, also any movement would put me an lots of pain. I did start to panic and felt it was time to call 911 and did so. The paramedics came quick and hooked me up to a heart monitor, they did a 12 lead ECG and the result were normal. They told me it could be muscular pain to rest. Today is the day after and the pain is still present but not *** strong *** yesterday.. My symptoms were chest pain in center of my chest, jaw pain and head pressure pain and dizziness..one strange symptom I get off and on is leg pain when I walk, the pain comes from my calves and feet and it's very painfully..does anyone know what might be going on, Im strongly considering going to see my doctor today and pushing for an angiogram. I did have stress test that was normal twoo years ago. And now he refuses to order any more test.. Thank you for you time..
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If you passed your stress test, then you are not suffering from Angina. Especially when it is generating the level of pain you describe. I lasted about one minute in my first stress test and was panting for breath with chest pains. It sounds more like muscular issues if it worsens when you press the area. There is no way you can press your chest and compress your Coronary Arteries. Personally, I don't think an Angiogram is required.
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It sounds to me like you experienced a digestive issue.  I'm not a health professional, but have a lot of experience with both issues, and they are difficult to sort out.  High fat foods, such as  chips, salmon, fries, even tuna can cause the esophagus to stop the ability to move the food downward.  However... the fact you had ankle pain suggests PAD, a condition that is strongly associated with Cardiact Artery Disease.  Ankle pain was the first symptom I had that I had suggested a cholesterol issue.  If you have the means to afford a an angiogram, I'd do it.  It's a minimally invasive procedure and will give information.  I hope you keep us informed.
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