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Angina vs heart burn

Good day . I am in a flare of Gerd and gastritis this past month . This morning during exercise I think I refluxed as I was in pain middle to right side of my chest. It scared me as my thought went straight to heart but the fact it was right sided calmed me down a bit.

I've been doing TRX suspension training for 5 years now and love it dont want to quit. I am of normal weight no cholesterol or triglycerides or abnormal blood sugar.

How can I distinguish between angina vs reflux?
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Emily thanks . When i tried to have lunch I immediately got nausea and I later vomited everything a lot of water indeed and diarrhea. So I suspect reflux and gastritis
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Also you are right as part of warming up exercises we did jumping jacks and I hadnt eaten for more than 16 hours I had only fluids in me
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Have you been diagnosed with angina?

Have you ever felt anything like this before?

Here's a decent explanation of the differences in symptoms and when you'll feel the symptoms of each:


For example, it says that you're more likely to feel GERD when lying down, just after a meal, things like that. Angina is more likely to be felt while exerting yourself. Since you had been doing suspension training, maybe you were in prone positions, or even upside down (I just watched a quick video of TRX - it seems possible lol), it could be that it was either one.

Honestly, the only way you'll know is to see your doctor. If this is unlike anything you've experienced with GERD, you really should get it checked. Even if it's a heart issue, it doesn't mean you'll have to give up exercise, especially if this is something that's working for you otherwise. Just let them do some testing, and go from there.


Let us know what happens.
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