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Another normal ECG - symptoms remain - help!

I've had concerns about my heart for 18months, worrying its angina but symptoms are not typical. suffer from runs of PVCs. Had ECG, Exercise ECG and echocardiogram. All essentially normal. Other normal tests I have had are cholesterol, glucose tolerance, thyroid (TSH), Temperature and Blood pressure. Before I lost the weight my BMI was 37, its still about 31. I don't smoke, drink moderately. I Still suffer symptoms most days. Although until recently things seemed better. I Lost 55lb in 6 months last year, stopped smoking at the same time.

Recently (3 weeks now) I keep feeling more unwell, hot sometimes. Last night had a bit of a stressful situation with some running around, lasted maybe 10 mins but afterwards had the feeling of a lump in my throat just under my Adams apple, not quite painful and hard to describe any better than a 'lump', My left shoulder was also hurting, I barely slept all night. The discomfort remains although its a lot better. It seems as though the sudden burst of activity caused it. I called NHS direct this morning, they said I should go to the walk in centre where I was examined and had another normal ECG. The nurse insisted I see my doctor this afternoon for him to review the ECG and for me to describe my symptoms to him, appointments in about 4 hours.

I saw the doctor last week and he said he thought the shoulder pain was related to muscle trigger points and suggested an exercise which he said would help. He said the sweating and feeling ill is because I am so  worried that its something wrong with my heart and has been  missed by the doctors. I was prescribed a GTN spray by a locum about 3 weeks ago, I have used this many times including last night after I got the discomfort, It has no effect. I take propranalol 3 times a day, about 45mg total so a small dose.

Its obviously all a bit unclear, the doctor last week said his 'gut feeling' was it wasn't my heart but I have never had a definite diagnosis of what is causing me such constant misery. It seems I am getting nowhere, maybe a lot of this is because of my anxiety - I don't know anymore. The symptoms are real enough as Is my desperation to get back to something like a normal life.
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Symptoms are one thing heart condition another. Many people are simply became cardiac neurotic. It is not a problem, the problem is when they cannot admit it and kill themselves with worrying.
Enjoy your life, try to be stress free as much as you can and the symptoms will go away hopefully soon.

Maybe if you read this will help.

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Thanks for your comment, I read all the posts on your link.

Not sure if I was clear in my first post though, when I said 'I suffer symptoms most days ' I should add the result is a real and genuine immediate fear for my life, wondering if I'll ever see my wife again each time I leave for work and feeling so fragile that I expectbthe end to come at any time. My life form the last 18 months has been hell on earth, before that I've always been quite happy. Had a few health problems, kidney stones for one. They hurt like you won't believe, but they're tangible, diagnosable and treatable. Not like what I'm failing to contend with currently.
It's almost beside the point if I'm cardiac neurotic or not, I don't object to the label. I fully accept I might be creating all this myself. Nothing I can do seems to be able to make it stop.
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You can do more with your own power as you believe it now. Well I know being afraid like we never see our loved ones wife, husband, love, kids whoever is the most important for us is a very depressing thought. BUT and an even bigger BUT!!! We must understand with worrying we do harm for our self and one day we ALL WILL DIE. Do not worry about it  a head of time ,it doesn’t make any sense.
We must do our part to be in control! I don’t know you how willing you to recognize the fact that  you are, or should be the #1…that’s the key….just like I am the #1 for myself. If we can LOVE ourselves first and most all will change.   If you love yourself you can give more to others.
Just think about it what kind of message you are giving?
I won’t see my wife…oh poor me, the doctors are missing something; I am suffering…I am so unfortunate ….they don’t do what they suppose to do….etc etc…..
….I know you haven’t say that word by word, but that was the meaning…..
If you write it over and put lots of positivity in to it, it will be a different story.
Like I am still alive, I have a wife who I love and how lucky I am she loves me, how great I don’t have more pain……If I do, well it will go away soon…….and on and on………..
Meditate on  that positive state of mind and all will change for the better…..
Well of course easier to say; still we must reach our focus. Just think about it how much energy we can waste or use it for improvements.
I suggest you no matter what and how crappie you feel watch funny movies and read inspirational material …………all will change.
Well if I went over a line forgive me, I didn’t mean preaching and I know I did.

Hope your life will change for Better!

let us known


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You didnt go over the line, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

You are quite right, I should put a positive 'spin' on everything, compared to some people I am lucky, there are too many people out there right now suffering terribly, in great pain from cancer for example. Compared to that I should not be complaining.

But, everything is relative. I am not used to having any symptoms or feeling unwell or uncomfortable. Perhaps Its part of getting older, I am no longer a teenager although In my mind I still am perhaps. The body seems to be letting me down a bit, its hard for me to contend with.

I appreciate the point you make though, I need to think more positively and I will.

My doctor feels there is nothing wrong really but says he is going to be cautious, Ive had lots of blood tests and am having another exercise ECG soon. If its normal I need to work even harder on the Positive Mental Attitude and if its not normal then its a start to finding out what is wrong.
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