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Ok I have constant chest pains. I went to the ER and they said I had anxiety. Thats was two years ago. I have been put on Lexapro and Ativan and still have constant pains. I have been treated with previcid also no help. I had an echo and my left vent was slightly enlarged but doctor said it was due to patient habitus? They also gave me a stress test on the treadmill that i finsihed with no problem and reach 100% of max heart rate. I wore a holter moniter and it said no problems. I am 32 years old with no real medical history my appendix ruptured when i was 16 or so. I am fat, about 30 pounds over weight. non smoker and rarely drink. My job is like constant exercise so i get plenty. my cholesteral levels are kind of wack though.
Total = 113
ldl = 40
hdl = 38
tri = 85
bp is 125ish / 60 ish
ef = 75%
Hr is always 56- 62 when at rest.

Ok so my questions--
1 when i work out or get winded my nose seems to "clog" up like i cant get enough air through it. Is this what shortness of breath is?

I have had chest pains for nearly two years EVERY day so given my test i am sure it isnt my heart but just wanted your opinion.
I know I sound like a total anxiety freak but i am lost.

2 could it be heart failure. I mean i feel fine when i lay down and have no real other symptoms of HF but its like my problems are brought on by hard work. Working out, running, etc but given the Stress Test i assume that would have caught HF.

Well I appreciate your time and thanks for any info you can give.


also with my cholesterol numbers no way for plaque?
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thanks for the post.

Unless you are a professional athlete, you can't substitute your work activity for exercise. The fact that you are overweight indicates an imbalance between activity and your metabolism.

Shortness of breath is the sensation of lack of air. It has many causes from deconditioning and sinus problems to primary cardiac and pulmonary issues.

The chronic nature of your chest pain would argue that it is not related to coronary disease or heart failure.

Sometimes asthma or reactive airway disease can cause both symptoms you describe, I would look into that.

There is always a way for 'plaque'. Besides your cholesterol I would look into addressing your activity and obesity.

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I would like to also add. This has given me anxiety!! I have had several ekg's ...all fine... been to and ENT sinus were fine. My GP has sent me everywhere and I seem to check out healthy as a horse but i assure you i still have these symptoms.
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i have heart problems wth an arrythmia and i have been getting chest pains i thought it was my heart.
it turne out to be my lungs. i have bad allergies, but it never crossed my mind that it could be my lungs(chest)
have you had that checked out?
or your bones? sometimes if i sleep funny my chest bones hurt?
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Last week, every time I took a deep breath I got a sharp chest pain. I knew it wasn't cardiac because it was directly tied to breathing. I also had no congestion and no fever, so I waited about 5 days to go to the doctor.  By then it started hurting even when I didn't take a deep breath and I wanted to make sure my lungs were clear because there is such a thing as dry pleurisy. Doc said lungs were fine, it was probably a ligament injury. I took Ibuprofen (and used a heating pad) and it subsided within a few more days. I am not recommending you take anything, but using myself as example of how (what is likely) a ligament injury in my shoulder could mimic a lung problem. Something that hurts in your chest is not necessarily your heart.

I hope you feel better.
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hey thanks for all of the comments. I am no professional athlete but I play one on tv!! Kinding... I am however a professional sports turf manager. So i walk, run, carry, lift, push, pull ALL day long. I am in pretty descent shape. my fat comes from my eating habits not my exercise habits.

with that being said, I have been chasing this "anxiety" for a little over two years now. its started when I took psuedoephedrine..sp.. and thought i was going to DIE... went to the er had a bp of 180/110 hr around 120 and elevated ST waves on an EKG. They freaked me out telling me it was heart related and then the cardio guy said no and ran another ekg and it was fine. they tested for the tropin things or something... long story short no heart attack. So i just stayed away from sinus medicine and things were great. Well then i would fatigue easy and i told the doc so I had a battery of cardio test and the only thing bad was that enlarged left vent but he said it was just because i was a big guy. 6'2" 230lbs. Not really fat by looking at me just by BMI definition. so my gp tested me over and over for everything under the sun and said they only thing left was anxiety. I accepted that dx and took the lexapro drug and it made me manic but they said it would pass. well that was 8 months ago and i still have pain, still fatigue easy, and still "feel" like i cant breath sometimes.

So the moral is that i am in no better shape today than i was two years ago and it is driving me nuts. If this is what anxiety is i would never wish it on anyone.

Thanks for listening to my rant...

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Ok so far all tests ordered normal. Only thing is abnormal liver. My cardiologist says I don't need to see him anymore but I'm still having symptoms. I have chest pain that is either under my left breastbone or in the middle in my sternum. I also get pains in my back between my shoulder blade. I can eat almost nothing wihtout experiencing pain and belching way too much. I have heartburn some days. I also have shooting pains down my left arm into my fingertips. Sometimes its a dull ache and sometimes its shooting. I have also had a lot of shortness of breath which there is no explanation for. My BP and cholesterol all good and am 25 female. I don't know what else to do. I was even seen by a gastro and given 40 mg nexium for the past 2 weeks and had an upper endoscopy. It showed some gastritis and he did biopsies for h pylori. Those won't get back til next week. He said that GERD cannot be diagnosed by an upper endoscopy. He said its more diagnosed by symptoms and he said my symptoms all sound like acid reflux. He also said gastritis shouldn't cause chest pains...is this true? Should I look for into cardiac? My regular MD, my psychiatrist, my gastro and my cardiologist are all saying not heart related...why can't I believe this? I'm so worried of dying everyday. I'm on ativan and prozac. I am also seeing therapist but its not helping. I'm also having trouble sleeping even with the ativan. Sometimes, in recent weeks, I feel my heart racing as well and sometimes skipping a beat. My questions are...
1. do you think its cardiac?
2. should i get a 2nd opinion?
3. is it possible for me to have a heart attack even with no fam history?
4. do you think anxiety?
5. is the gastro right about GERD and gastritis?
6. how long will it take for nexium to work?
I would appreciate ANY responses. Thanks and good luck to all of you!
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Woodruff I couldn't believe it.  I went to search for Cardiac Neurious and that is exactly what I have.  I am glad I am not crazy!  I am actually going to see a phycologist next week to try to deal with my obsession about my heart.  I am printing off some of the information I found on this condition and going to bring it with me to say that is what I have!
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He also said gastritis shouldn't cause chest pains...is this true? Should I look for into cardiac? ...I'm so worried of dying everyday. I'm on ativan and prozac. I am also seeing therapist but its not helping. I'm also having trouble sleeping even with the ativan.

Gastritis can cause chest pain, but  your gut has been inspected pretty thoroughly, and nothing horrible has been found.  I've known people who have serious gastritis, and they are SICK.  You wouldn't confuse them with someone who looked well, and had problems just with gut discomfort and some belching.

"My regular MD, my psychiatrist, my gastro and my cardiologist are all saying not heart related...why can't I believe this? "

You have posted the same symptoms and questions numerous times for several months now, and since you have been checked out quite thoroughly, it is reasonable to say that your problems are not cardiac.  Being young, female, and without family history, you are NOT going to have a heart attack anytime within the next twenty years.

You do have what's called a "cardiac neurosis,"  a neurotic obsession with your heart.  This is a psychiatric problem.  Since you continue to fear dying, and ativan, prozac, and your current therapist are not helping, you need to find a psychiatrist--not a counselor--and discuss both a proper therapy and a change of medications.

If you really wish to feel better, you will be talking to another shrink.  Please post again in a month or two and let us know that you have taken these steps.
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You may want to have them strap a holter monitor for 24-48 hrs.  This should catch any issues.

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I'm extremely concerned still.  I went to my doctor today cause I had my cholesterol checked again (last time was in September) and my HDL dropped from over 50 to 46...of course my LDL dropped to 55 but why?  Also, my liver enzymes are abnormal.  I'm very concerned as the doctor said my HDL levels are considered low which I know increases your risk of heart attack...what should I do?
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I will admit that I have anxiety. And I have had PVC's since I was 20..I am now 50 and going through menopause and the PVC's are getting worse. Monday I had several within a couple of minutes and it scared me. I thought my heart was going to stop. I would feel a flutter, then a normal beat or two, then another flutter. Almost like a fish flopping in my chest. I of course panicked and went to the ER. They did an EKG and kept me on the monitor for three hours. I was still feeling some PVC's during that time. And you know what the dr. told me? That my EKG was fine...no PVC's. And that I didn't show any PVC's on the monitor either. Not a single one. And yet, I felt them!!! So I would like someone to explain this to me. If I wasn't having PVC's, then what WAS I feeling????? I am going to look up cardiac neurosis because I for sure have heart anxiety. I would like to add that when I first started menopausal changes at 43, I had bad PVC's then that were caught on the monitor...it was almost every other beat was a PVC. So I know what they feel like, and this run I had Monday felt exactly the same as all the other PVC's that I have ever had, but they are insisting there was NOTHING on the monitor or EKG...can anyone shed any light on this for me? I'm scared.
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Mels, in terms of physical indications of heart disease, you're in the clear.   Time and time again, you post concerns over the same symptoms, or test values that are, statistically speaking, mostly irrelevant.  Always, always, you come back with no significant risk .  But you resolutely dodge the issue of emotional problems.  What's going on here?

You're too young to have heart disease, and you have no family history, anyhow.  You've had a lot of heart tests, which you pass with flying colors; you can do your ordinary activities (which heart patients cannot; ask Al Dente);  but I haven't heard that you have been aggressively pursuing the only logical alternative, which is psychiatric care.  Yeah, you say you've had a little counseling and some psych drugs that haven't worked, but as to the next step?  Is it possible that you NEED a heart condition for some reason?

If you don't want to live like this, destroying your marriage and the emotional health of your child, I'd like to hear that you have made an appointment with a different shrink and discussed other meds and another strategy.  You need to let go of this neurosis and get on with your life.
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