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Any Experience on How long it takes for Medicine to be out of you for good

I posted earlier that I had been on Toprol XL 50mg for One year for high BP. Started experiencing known side effects, which I am familiar with.

I have been completely off for 10 days now and still feel horrible.  Jittery, shakey, perhaps anxiety ( did not have this before toprol so hard to tell).  Heart Rate elevated at times.

I tapered off as Dr ordered, half a pill for one week, half pill every other day for one week.

I have been tested for diabetes, thryroid and lots of blood work, everything else is normal and I am not on anything else yet.
Have you had patients where it took  some time to get rid of the withdrawal effects of these kinds of drugs?  I am aware of the Toprol side effects, but need some guidance as to when it might be out of my system, of course everyone is different.

I heard this is a fat soluble drug, and might take longer.  Every day is a struggle.   I go back to my Dr tomorrow, but he does not have too much experience with withdrawal.
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The best I can say is drugs affect different people differently.

The amount of withdrawl symptoms you are having from a taper of Toprol seem a little out of the ordinary. Hypothetically, your body upregulates the receptors in response to Toprol and your baseline catachacholamine levels are elevated, tapering allows both to return to normal.

You might try to continue a taper again, but also look for other causes of your symtpoms with your doctor.

good luck
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Here is a link that describes the actions of toprol xl.
On one hand, it says that 95% of the drug is metabolized in 72 hours.  It also says that the blood pressure lowering effects can last up to one month after discontinuation of the drug.
I'm not sure which side effect you are not naming, but I take toprol XL and I have a history of major depression.  After my bypass surgery, I began therapy with toprol xl.  I also began the inevitable descent into hell.  When things got bad, I decided I had to discontinue the toprol xl to see if it was contributing to the depression.  I was off for several months, and am now back on toprol xl, having concluded that my depression is independent of the medication.  It does a nice job of controlling hypertension.

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Thanks for your replies

Yes Toprol can make  you tired!
I called the company that makes Toprol, they said anxiety is a side effect, less common.  It was not reported during trials, but was reported after it was approved.  

I realize this could be me and not Toprol, but since I never had anxiety before and was pretty much only on the toprol. I lost over 20 pounds while on toprol, so maybe that added to the effect on me.  I have read on other boards that some people got anxiety from it.

If it can stay in your system for one month by lowering BP, then maybe it takes that long to get out.  

I just don't know where else to turn
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If you want to feel a little better, you are not alone. My EP stopped my Toprol XL 25mg a day without a weening off period. It has been 5 days and I still feel tired/dizzy. It took them some time to work so I assume it will take just as long if not longer to get the levels right again. Hang in there, it will get better. You can't worry about what you can't change.

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Thanks Scott

How long were you on the Toprol?  Did you get shaky?   Its the jitters I can't stand.  I am going to seek out other avenues, but this seems the most logical.

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Just wandering how you are feeling.  Still shaky and jittery... I posted a comment on another of your topics about a similar episode I had when weaning off of toprol.  After about 4 days off the toprol I was shaky and anxious and going crazy.  We decided it was probably anxiety (which I've never had before) and I got back on the toprol and am also taking zoloft as well.  Now after reading your story I'm not so sure.  Let me know how you are doing. Thanks
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