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Any caring doctors?

Posted By Victoria  on May 16, 1998 at 01:40:11:

  I believe that I may have recently had a heart attack, although I'm
just 33 years old; however, I have a strong family history of heart disease and high cholesterol (hereditary) even though I eat a healthy diet and am thin. Also, I was looking my symptoms up on the net and came across something called a pheochromocytoma, I have all the symptoms.  Everyone who has read what I printed out thinks it is exactly like what I've been suffering.  
  Anyway, my physician knows how poorly I've been feeling and I had an appt. with him today at 2:30 p.m.  His office is 40 miles away and due to Friday traffic and road construction that I wasn't aware of, I arrived 9 minutes late.  He refused to see me and refused to fit me into his schedule.  His receptionist stated that his policy is no more than 5 minutes late.  It's not posted anywhere in his office.  I'm usually early and have to wait approx. 25 minutes or more.  My father was with me and is so worried about my health that he said, "Do you want her to die, she's so sick?", but the physician still refused to see me.  Is there anything that can be done about that?  I'm shocked that he could be so uncaring.  I also
didn't leave on a very good note, so I've lost a physician, not that I'm disappointed in losing someone who cares so little anyway, but now I need to find a new one, and it seems as though finding one is about as difficult as finding a good mechanic....pretty tough.  I feel like all physicians should have to watch the movie "The Doctor", and a previous serious illness should perhaps be a prerequisite, so no more physicians turn someone away who's suffering.  
  Just needed to vent to the people who this post may help the most.  Also, know a good caring doc?:-)    Victoria    
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