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Any chance they missed something?

EKGs- All Normal

Event Monitors - Mostly PVCs, when I submitted events for chest pain, normal sinus rhythm, like 3 PACs, one atrial run, one ateial couplet, all deemed benign.
Echo - Mostly great, only things that scared me were that there was a teace of transcupid regurgitation, and mild mitral regurgitation, which my cardiologist never mentioned to me, just said my echo was great, but I also had a mildly dilated left atrium and left ventricle LVEDD 6.0 with normal range of 3.5-5.7cm, LVESD 4.2 with rnage 2.6-4.0, and Left Atrium 4.6 with range 1.9-4.0

Everything else is perfect on there, EF 55-60% altogether there is no diagnosis of any heart disease. But I still have PVCs form time to time, not every day or all dya, just random periods of time here and there, but they are scary and uncomfortable, and I get left sided chest pain occaisinally which I can pinpoint to the isolated area it hurts at though its different places everytime. And when I lay on my left side I can feel my heartbeat, regular speed / rhyhm but I feel like I shouldnt feel it. I can also feel it and/or hear it in my ear when I lay my head on a pillow. And my heart is bigger than the dimensions classified as normal, is that cardiomyopathy? I am a 26 year old white male. I am 5ft 11, weight 265 (I was 290 a few months ago in october when this all started. Trying to eat healthier, lose weight, sleep better amd destress hoping it helps, but these issues cause so much anxiety, and just feel like something wrong with the heart and the dimensions scare me, will weight loss have a chance of bring heart down to normal size, reducing pvcs, and maybe stop or lessen the feeling of my heart? I'm scared amd stressed over all this. thanks!
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Minor leakage from most valves is common and benign in the absence of other pathology--which you don't have.  The apparent slight enlargement of your left atrium and ventricle is not significant.

So, no:  your cardiologist knows his stuff and didn't miss anything.  If you want, though, call his office and say you're worried, and you'll probably get the reassurance you need.

However, the rest of your message seems to show a pretty significant problem with a cardiac fixation or 'da Costa's Syndrome,' which you can google.  It's basically intractable obsession with cardiac symptoms--but without a medical basis for this kind of worry.

The chest pain you describe does not correspond to real heart pain, because (a) heart pain is not felt on the left side, and (b) because of the way the nervous system is wired, if you can pinpoint the pain or touch it, it ain't heart, either.

When people lie on the left side, they compress the rib cage on that side a bit.  The heart does reside mostly on the left side of the chest, and when you lie on your left side, the heart's apex becomes physically nearer to the ribs, and you feel the heartbeat when it's nearer to bone.  It's normal, and most people aren't even aware of it, but people who are anxious or more sensitive to bodily 'noise' are hyperaware of things like this.

As to being able to hear your heartbeat, you may be able to minimize this in two ways:  One is to get a bed wedge and sleep with your head just a tad higher off the mattress.  Another is to buy Mack's Silicone ear plugs.  Sometimes, fiddling around with the placement of ear plugs will minimize your awareness of the sound of the heart.  Give it a try.

Finally, I think you may be a good candidate for treatment of anxiety.  I've been there now and then, and can tell you that you need not be a slave to this kind of thing.  Talk to your doctor about a referral for treatment for anxiety or panic.  Life can get a whole lot better.
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Thank You achillea, so I shouldn't be concerned over the size of my heart? I thought any heart enlargement is cardiomyopathy? Whats the difference? And can simply being overweight like me cause the enlargement? And can losing alot of it (75+ lbs) reverse it?

Thanks for responding, and I appreciate your input and of anyone else that might reply, its stressful and scary having pvcs with no found cause, same for chest pain and stuff too, 26 is too young to be worried about this stuff! I just dont want to be scared or worried anymore.
No, cardiomyopathy does not refer to *any* enlargement.  The important part of the word is "-pathy," as in "pathological."  You don't have pathological enlargement, which negatively affects your heart's ability to function.  You just have a little enlargement, which in a basically healthy heart is often reversible, especially if the patient loses weight and gets regular cardio exercise.

You are young and your heart has not yet been damaged by an unhealthy lifestyle, so you should take this as a signal to *get healthy* and live right for the rest of your life.

And a little psychological counseling for your anxiety wouldn't hurt at all.
Thank you so much for the responses, what a relief to hear!! I'm definitely eating better and exercising, have gone from 293 to 265 and aiming for 190. Just so happy to hear I shouldnt be worried. Thank you!!!
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