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Anyone else have this happen ?

This is becoming annoying, but anyway here goes. My only symptoms that seem to be constant are the following: I've had a tooth abscess for about 4 years now. I've been waking up and my fingers and bottoms of my feet are swollen. This goes away as soon as I get up. It only happens when I'm sleeping, if I'm in bed and can't sleep, they don't swell. I've been getting periodic night sweats (not menopause). I've been keeping track of when I get splinter hemorrhages. One time I got two right after I woke up with night sweats. The most recent one I just got was the other day, I was driving and a jerk cut me off. My heart felt weird (sort of in my throat), felt like it stopped or something, and then I noticed I got another splinter hemorrhage right after that (I'm sure my blood pressure was very high because I was so mad. I've been getting (splinter hemorrhages) a LOT, I've also been getting 'flip flop' of my heart about every day now used to happen rarely now it's about every day. I finally got a thermometer and it doesn't show me as having a temperature (though it's not very accurate, it actually shows me as having a lower body temperature by at least a degree- I'm usually 98.6). I'm healthy normal height, weight and eat good, no low vitamin D levels. Any idea of what this is, or has anyone had this happen? I'm not on any medication and am not anxious, though when I get mad I can feel my blood pressure go thru the roof. The other day when I was grieving I got really nauseated and felt a pain in my upper stomach. This went away after a minute, and I've never had that happen before or since. Any ideas? I'm afraid that if I would go to MD they would find nothing do tests and find nothing and I would be wasting time.
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