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Anyone know a good beta blocker that lowers hr, but not blood pressure as much?

I'm on Inderal 20mg 3xday.  It seems to lower my bp a little too low, does anyone know a beta blocker that can help with SVT and tachycardia but not on the blood pressure as much?  Thanks, Michelle
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There are some decent Beta Blockers. To name a few...

Trade name (generic name)

Acebutolol (Sectral)
Atenolol (Tenormin)
Metoprolol (Lopressor, Lopressor LA, Toprol XL)
Nadolol (Corgard)
Timolol (Blocadren)

Beta blockers are also used to treat hypertension therefore reducing your BP. So, with use you will notice a drop in BP.

I suffer from SVT (Afib) you can read my history under "trying to decide" I am an RN as well, sometimes I wish I weren't...because I know too much :) Sometimes a good thing and sometimes not so good. You can mention these meds to your doc and see what he says. It certainly dosen't hurt to try a new med if the side effects of what your on are not tolerable.

Hope this helps you. Take care
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Hello, thank you so much for sharing with me.  I read your story, and wow, it actually scares me.  I am afraid of my svt developing into a-fib.  See, for me, I'm scared of the ep study and ablation, even though everyone that has them done say they are pieces of cake.  But hospitals and procedures are a big phobia of mine.  Being a nurse yourself maybe it wasn't as scary for you?  I'm so sorry that your ablation didn't work.  I have mild asthma, so they did put me on a beta blocker.  I'm on day 8, and constantly trying to figure out what my pulse and bp is supposed to be.  My hr seems to go from 50 to sitting down to 100 upon standing, is this normal?  I've never bothered to check until I was diagnosed.  And then maybe being a nurse you can tell me, like right now I'm supposed to take my second dose for the day, but my hr is pretty low, 50 sitting, and 89-100 standing, so do I take another dose?  I'm scared it will make it lower.  The Dr. just said not to worry about taking my pulse all the time, as long as I don't have symptoms, haha. Well, my little anxiety disorder "creates" symptoms with me.  Hard to tell what's real and what's not with me.  I'm working on the anxiety issues too, but this sinus tach and svt is new to me and kind of hard for me to just accept and move on.  I'm told many many people have svt and live with it for years, some have to eventually have it ablated and some never do.  I can't convince myself that I may never have a problem, but instead keep worrying about tha ablation procedure I might have to someday have.  Strange, huh?  Once we get the bb figured out I will be going on an SSRI to help with my anxiety.  
Thanks for talking with me, I wish you luck with your recovery, after listening to you, I know I should be grateful that's all I have.  Michelle
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I have had problems with PVC's for a couple of years now, but because I normally have low blood pressure,it took awhile before we could come up with a medication that would work without leaving me fatigued.  

From my experience I could not take Toprol or Betapace.  I was so frustrated because the docs at that time insisted I increase the Toprol dosage for palps, and were not addressing the fact that my bp was also dropping.  I could not function, I was constantly fatigued and dizzy.  Finally, I was prescribed Lopressor 25mg. For me it seems to be just the right dosage to help my pvc's without really effecting my blood pressure.  

Keep searching until you find what works best for you.
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Your HR will fluctuate when go from sitting to standing. When you are sitting your heart is at rest...To then stand, your body will respond to the expenditure of energy...hence, a rise in heart rate. Did your doc give you guidelines for taking the Inderal? We are given certain guidelines before medicating patinets in the hospital. The docs will write to hold medication for heart rate and BP within a certain range.

I think for you, once you are given something for anxiety, you may notice improvement. We can drive ourselves CRAZY by constantly checking pulse rates. In the beginning, I would sit with my stethescope glued to my chest! At this point, I am just trying to participate as much as I can with day to day life...work, kids etc. As for having no fear of hospitals and or procedures...I am fine working in one, I can deal with just about anything....but when it comes to me having to be the patient, being a nurse and seeing what I have seen I am SCARED to death! And given my track record of failure from meds, ablation, I am very discouraged. I am a nervous wreck to drive fearing that I could have another syncopal episode. I thank god though, that my cardiologist is an angel! He called me every day last week just to check in to see how I was feeling. I do believe that to be very rare of many docs, especially busy cardiologists. I guess it is refreshing to see that there are docs that care about patients as a whole and not just their medical standpoint.

As for you and an EP study...You really need to make sure that whoever is to do it, knows what they are doing! For me, it was the length of the procedure (6 hours) that was exhausting and the uncomfortable feeling of having them pace the heart up and down(holy headache). There were 2 times during the course of the procedure that they could not capture the rate to come back to NSR and had to push Adenosine. If I never get that drug again it will be too soon. I am just trying to have faith that when I go in next Thurs I will leave free of this problem if for even a few years I'd be happy.
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I will say a prayer for you that your procedure will go through well.  You sure have been through an ordeal.  How is this procedure different from the last ablation?  
My Dr. did not give me a guideline on my bp and hr, that is why I'm frustrated.  She is a GP, not a Cardiologist.  When she got the holter results and it showed the two episodes of svt, she called a cardiologist right away to send me there.  They told her that she could send me there, but their first line of defense is to start me on a beta blocker and she could just try me on the meds first, before sending me over to them.  I called the top Electrophysiologist's office when she gave me the Inderal, to make sure I don't need to see them, and they told me she wasn't out of line by keeping me and not sending me over to them, because she is doing what do first too, trying the meds before jumping into an EP study. My holter said other than the pac's and two brief episodes of svt, everything else was normal.  She also did some blood work and it all came back normal.  They told me that my heart is healthy so this is what they recommend.  But they never gave me a guideline either. (any suggestions?) So I don't know what I'm looking for, what's too low.  I'm afraid of eventually having what you had done, so I know that I'll need to come to terms with this as well, hopefully that will be with an SSRI.  I wish you the best of luck, thank you for your time with me, (please let me know how your procedure goes when you end up having it.)  Michelle
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I think that if you are not feeling dizzy or lightheaded you will be ok to take your meds. My father had a double bypass graft 15 years ago. Becuase of the synthetic grafts in the femoral area, it is important for him to keep BP and HR low. His normal pulse right now is about 45! He's fine and leads a pretty active life.

In my last procedure the attempted ablation was done in the right atrium. THe procedure I am having next week, I will have catheters threaded up the femoral veins in the groin to the right atrium and then they will punture the septum (this is the wall that separates the right and left atrium) and travel into the left atrium and down into the pulmonary veins to isolate and burn (HOPEFULLY) the abnormal electrical impulse that is causing AFIb. I will let you know how it turns out and thanks for your well wishes.
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how high can an axiety attact drive one's HR up? to 110, 120, 130?? I fhigh, one will confuse the adrenaline caused high HR that stops in a few minutes with tachycardia.

More and more I believe, after lots of research, adrenaline pumping (dumping)-that is whatever one wants to call it, can cause shoort term tach. THen one thinks it's tach and its really anxiety disorder at its best or worst if you will.

thoughts anyone?
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Did you have a syncope experience? I passed out unexpectedly driving 79 miles an hour on a freeway. I was already being treated for hypertension with Ziac. I was put on Toprol XL 25mg after that experience but BP stayed 165/105. Went up to 50mg and no change. I feel awful on this stuff -- anxiety, tight chest, so dizzy I can't drive but am afraid of another attack. I finally went on a low-carb, high-protein diet and my blood pressure returned to normal within 2 weeks. Now I am down to 25mg and trying to wean off but have horrible anxiety, jitters and tremors, sleeplessness and a pounding heart. My pulse rate is 105. Anyone have any suggestions?
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I don't know how you wean off the Toprol but I know you have to.  I started taking Toprol 25mgs and recently increased to 50mgs.  Instead of getting a new prescription filled I took two 25mgs tablets until I ran out.  One night I took 25mgs(all I had left) instead of 50 and the next morning I was about to come out of my skin I was so jittery. I have been having a lot of dizzyness since I started on the 50 mgs.  I also have a lot of jitteryness in the late afternoon and evening (I take 50 mgs after dinner) before the Toprol kicks in. Good work getting your BP down.  I will have to try the low-carb, high protein as the Toprol is not keeping my BP down but it seems to be helping with my PVC's (I was having over 25,000 per day prior to starting the Toprol.

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Yes, I have had about 4 syncopal episodes. I have been very fortunate that they have never afflicted me while driving (as this has been my ultimate fear!)

Have you had any formal testing done ie. holter, transtelephonic monitoring or an EP study done? I always laugh when someone says oh, while my EKG was normal. As we know, an EKG only records what is happening at that very moment...so if you are not experiencing any symptoms at that very moment, sure, your EKG will be normal.

I too, lead a very busy and stressful life. I am a nurse, wife and mother to 2 very active children ages 9&17. I have been told to try and reduce the stress in my life *LOL* As I say, "Easier said than done"
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I have SVT I was taking Metoprolol but it was bothering my asthma so my doctor told me I need to take Bystolic I take 2.5mgs three in am and three in pm but it seems to not help has much like in the beginning in November 2011 it started about a few months ago not working good like November 2014....
My question is what's seems to be the best med out there for SVT and I get high blood pressure at times with my attacks I noticed my antianxiety helped slow down the fast heart rate it's Lorazepam known as Ativan but I also would like to get off of Bystolic and take a better heart pill that will help my SVT Please Help
Thank You
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