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Anyone take Inderal LA?

I just got diagnosed with svt, and was prescribed Inderal LA, and just wondered if anyone has used it.  Mostly worried about side effects, and it lowering my hr too low.  Thanks, Michelle
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I used Inderal LA 80mg for many years.  You may find that you feel a little tired and sluggish until your body adjusts to the medication.  I actually noticed it less with the Inderal LA as opposed to regular Inderal.  Hope it helps : )

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Hi Connie, thank you so much for writing.  I actually got a post from you in the Dr. forum too, on the cost of ep studies and ablations.  My Dr. is wanting me to try beta blockers, and if they don't work, then calcium channel blockers, before going the ep study route.  I am so praying that the bb works, as I am not ready, financially or mentally for an ep study, or ablation.  I don't have insurance, so hoping this helps me.  She at first talked about Atenolol, but then gave me Inderal LA 60mg to start, because I was worried it would lower my hr too much when I'm sleeping.  It is normally 60 during sleep.  Can you tell me your history?  You said you had two studies and ablations, did they work?  I'm just curious why you did the ablations if the Inderal was working good.  Did the Inderal LA help right away, and did you notice any other side effects?  I have severe anxiety attacks, and that was how they FINALLY caught this.  I have had pac's and pvc's for 6 years now, and absolutely hate them, but this last year have had really bad panic attacks and then my hr goes up and skips.  It also is exercise induced.  I told them when I start exercising, or working real hard, my heart rate gets to about 140, then bam, skips and starts beating really fast, up to maybe 200, don't really know though.  It lasts about 5 minutes, so it's not too bad, but leaves me emotionally shaken.  And it doesn't happen everyday, in fact, if I never have get myself into a stressful episode, or exercise, I'm A-OK, haha.  Well, I guess I should say that, every morning I wake up my heart is about 130 for about 10-15 minutes, and then when I take hot showers, if I get too hot, it races, and that goes along during the summers, when I get too hot, it races.  During the day, my hr is anywhere from 80-130 just walking around, but if I'm sitting, it is about 60-80.  I'm sorry for rambling, just really need to talk to someone that has this, as I feel isolated.  My Dr. said this is no big deal, because if meds fail, ablations can usually cure it.  I don't feel like having probes stuck in my main arteries just yet though.  Thank you again!!! Michelle
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Hi again Connie,
Thank you for sharing your story with me.  I'm glad the ablations worked, someday you'll have to tell me about it, right now I'm so scared of the word that it puts me in a panic attack. (Although, from the majority that I read, they all work and it was a piece of cake.) I am 35, have had pac's and pvc's for the last 6 years. Sometimes I don't get any in a day, and some days I get 200.  Dr.'s said they are nothing in my case, as people, such as yourself, have thousands in a day and are (usually) ok.  I was told before that I could try a beta blocker for them, but never have.  I've always have had anxiety disorder, and until this year have been able to manage it.  Unfortunately, for some reason, when I get scared, my heart rate goes up to 150-180 and skips.  They said I have SVT, which was caught on a holter strip, but the rate was 154, and it was a 6 second episode.  I will at some point go see a specialist to look at the strip and tell me if it was really SVT or just sinus tach, but either way, I need to get my pulse down, and the Xanax is not doing it, plus, the skipping scares me worse than anything.  That is where I'm at.  I've had 2 previous holters in the last 3 years, all normal, except rare pac's and pvc's, and a normal echo with a possibly mild mvp.  So I have one Dr. telling me to just work on the anxiety, and the SVT is not that big of a deal since it always comes down by itself within 15 minutes and it isn't a daily occurence, all the way to the other extreme with my friend, who is a heart nurse and used to work in a very big heart hospital that I should go get an ep study done and just get it ablated.  WOW, that is a little scary for me just yet.  My Dr. is in the middle, she thinks I should try a low dose beta blocker first and see if it relieves my symptoms, AND work on the anxiety.  The Xanax does nothing for my pulse, so obviously I still need something for that.  Hence, the bb.  My only concern with the Inderal is that I have mild asthma, and I know Inderal is not a good choice for that, so I have put in a call just to make sure she remembers that I have asthma, in case she might want me on something else.  I'm just not sure which one to take.  If she wants me on the Inderal, I think I will ask for the 40mg first instead of the LA 60mg, I was thinking that way in case it doesn't suit me, it will be out of my body quicker?  I don't know, see my anxiety disorder showing?  :) Michelle
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Oh yes, I see the anxiety and I recognize the "pattern" you describe.  It's the whole chicken and the egg thing....One thing leads to another.  I've had anxiety issues for about 30 years, but I have learned to manage them better lately.  I really think in my case the ablations helped b/c it helped calm down the palps (which would worsen with anxiety - you know how that works). I did find that BB's can also help with the anxiety from a heart point of view.  You may find great relief in giving them a try.

Good luck!

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Hi Connie, well had a bad svt episode an hour ago, came on from a panic attack.  Ended up taking a half a Xanax, and then finally took my Inderal, it was that or call the paramedics, because I couldn't get it down.  Finally came down.  My hr is 100 now, no skipping, so far, hopefully it won't go above that.  I am really dizzy/lightheaded, does that go away?  Not so much tired though. And get this, I have a headache, even though it's supposed to help migraineds, maybe mine is from the anxiety attack.  Also a little sick to my stomache.  Any advice?  Oh, also, does it seem to take a few days to build up inside you to start really working?  Thanks Connie, I appreciate talking to you. Michelle
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Hi, dizziness is now very lightheaded, so a tiny better.  HR sitting is 60, and up walking around is about 90, not going to do much more than that tonight.  I do have a headache, but than I've had one of those everyday now for a month, with this anxiety.  My Dr. just called, and said she wants me on the Inderal for a specific reason, but that she is going to call in the .20mg and to take three times a day, because of the dizziness and cost reduction.  And to call her if my asthma is bad, but that is a risk she wants to take! Thanks for talking to me about this, I feel really alone right now. No one here understands what I'm going through.  Michelle
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