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Aorta Valve Replacement

I have read many things about valves  but have not heard much about the stentless porcine valve. This is what I have been recomended to have put in. I am 44 years old and have an asending aortic anuerisym. I will be going in the hospital in 2 weeks and I dont know if this is the right decision. I have also heard about a medvac valve called mosaic, does anyone know about this one?
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The key to any successful cardiac surgery is the experience of your surgeon and their preference for valves ( bioprosthetic vs. mechanical ) or repairs ( the Ross or David procedure ) in your case.

The stentless valve has far more experience in Canada and is used less extensively in the U.S.  You may want to discuss specifically with your surgeon their experience, pump times and long term efficacy with this particular valve.  It is likely that you will need a combined procedure and a homograft may be another option to consider.

If you would like additional information or want a second opinion, that can be arranged through the number listed below.

Best of luck.
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Did they say why you had to have a biograft valve instead of a mechanical one??
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Dear Harvey,

This is what I have learned through experience:  You must have the very best surgeon your insurance will let you go to.  If at all possible, I highly recommend the Cleveland Clinic.  They have the best surgeons.  I had my mitral valve repair there with Dr. Cosgrove.  The more skilled your surgeon, the less chance of complications.  I was never asked what kind of valve I preferred in case of a replacement, but told to trust that Dr. Cosgrove would make the very best decision for me. If you want a second opinion, please go to the Clinic.  Just my two cents worth.
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There is little history in the US for the stentless porcine valve.  Tirone David in Toronto seems to have invented the valve and implants it frequently.

I have downloaded some information about the porcine stentless valve and talked with 5 surgeons, two of which use it practically exclusively when they cannot use the Ross procedure.

The other three use the bovine pericardial valve when not using the mechanical valve and only do a few Ross, mostly in children.

The Clinical trials in Canada and Europe seem very favorable over 8 years which is probably why the FDA approved it here.  But the installed base here in the US is still small and there are no long term numbers here yet. It really is up to  

If you have not already tried it, and if you want further information you can find some by using a search engine and typing in 'porcine stentless valve'.

It sure looks highly efficient but the surgery and by pass time
is longer than the bovine pericardial implant.

Your surgeon will not offer much if any choice since they choose
the valves they are most proficient with.

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Thanks for the info, I would be more than happy to speak with anyone who has had a Homograph or stentless porcine valve installed. My email is ***@****. Especially Mario.
Thank you.
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My father had Aortic Anuerisym surgery 5 years ago. I just received a message from my mother the other day that he has been having some problems with coughing and exhaustion. He went to the Dr. and they scheduled some test for aortic fibulation. Could someone please advise me just what this might mean. My father just had his 74th birthday. Thank-you!
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