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Apple Juice Diet

A few months ago, my wife (who is 36 years old) had a serious
gallbladder attack.  It was a devestating experience for our entire family.  She was bedridden for days.  After many tests and expensive procedures (costing over $2,000), we were told that she had a problem with gallstones and that her gallbladder should be removed.  In retrospect, when I review what happened, I feel that we were "milked" during the diagnosis.  (I feel this way because early in the process, my wife talked to a friend, who is a medical transcriptionist, and she said right away that the attack was related to gallstones.  But did the doctors tell us anything before all the costly diagnostic procedures were done?  No, they did not.)

We were given the name of a surgeon; we went to see him.  When he came into the waiting room and saw that I was there with my wife, he didn't even introduce himself to me.  It was as if he was disturbed that he would have to lie to a healthy person along with a distressed one.  He told us there were only 3 options to consider:

1) Medicine to dissolve the stones
2) Ultrasound to "blast" the stones apart
3) Surgery to remove the gallbladder

During the "consultation" He mixed up his statistics, first telling us that only 13 percent of the people would have success using medicine to dissolve the stones.  He told us that the medicine was controversial and not very effective.  When we asked for more detail, he replied that it only works in 1 out of 13 people (I didn't need the high-level mathematics I learned in college to know that 1 out of 13 is different than 13 percent!).  He was callous to the fact that accurate statistics are important to people considering surgery to remove organs from the
body.  He told us that trying to dissolve the stones would be very costly; that it would take years, and that it probably would not work.  

He then told us about another method that would "explode" the stones using ultrasound.  He said that this method was also controversial and that although it was approved in Europe, the procedure was not yet approved here in the US.  He said there were serious health risks associated with this method, and implied that we would have to fly to europe or something.

He said that most people opted for surgery to remove the gallbladder, and that surgery was by far the best way to solve the problem.  He said the surgery was routine and that he did many every week.  It was simple and quick.  To add insult to injury, he even bragged that he had gotton so good with the procedure, that he could remove a gallbladder in just 22 minutes.

At the end of the "consultation" I asked him if there were any ways that she could modify her diet to help the problem.  His reply was:

"Eat all the fatty foods you want, if you don't take out the
gallbladder, you will end up in the emergency room soon and it might be fatal at that point.  Do you want to get on the schedule for next Wednesday?  I can do it then."

We were devestated when we left.  For me, the meeting was quite
dramatic, as when I was a child 35 years ago, I used to go on house calls with my Father, who was a physician (along with both of his brothers).  Back then, doctors would go to the house of an ailing person to help them.  To me, this doctor had the bedside manner of a mosquito.

We felt that her life was in danger if we did not do something, yet she did not want someone to remove something from her body.

We called about 5 hospitals in different towns and found out that a gallbladder operation costs between $8,000 and $10,000 and takes about 30 to 45 minutes with laproscopy.  It is amazing how much these guys make for so little work, but this explains the lies.  

At that point, little did we know that we could spend less than $10 on a more effective procedure that would leave everything intact (no, this is not an advertisement!)

When I told the story to my cousin, he told me about a book that had a lot of good information about healthy living.  He said he thought there was something in the book about gallstones but he wasn't sure what it was.  We got the book and found out about the apple juice procedure.  We both tried it and it worked for me but not my wife.  She tried it again a few weeks later without success.  She then tried the gold coin medicine next for 2 weeks, followed by the apple juice procedure again; this time using a grapefruit and lemon at the end.  This time it worked!.  She
intends to continue doing the flushes every few months for awhile.  

You might think that this real-life horror story was bad for us, but we now feel very different about it.  We feel that although we have dodged a bullet, actually something very good has happened to us.  "Dr. Chop Chop" (we now affectionately refer to him this way) actually helped us in an indirect fashion.  Until this incident, we did not eat healthy, and we were overweight.  Since the meeting with Dr. Chop Chop, we have started eating healthy foods and have both lost significant amounts of weight (myself 30 pounds so far).  

So, although this "doctor" first appeared to us as a monster, it turns out that scary Dr. Chop Chop has actually helped us improve our life!  He uses a method that is quite different than what my Father would have used, but it works and has ultimately helped us become healthier!

Can you please adress the apple juice diet and how it removes the gallstones?
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Dear JT,

This is a cardiology site.  You may wish to direct this question to doctros at a gastroenterology site.  We have no experience with this apple juice diet and gallstones.
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