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Are Beta Blockers Safe And Effective?

I have been trying to stay away from medication because my chest pain, tachycardia (sp?) and shortness of breath symptoms(diagnosed as anxiety/panic attacks) have improved over the last 3-4 months through relaxation exercises. However, I still have quite a bit of residual chest pain and shortness of breath.  I have had an EKG, Echo, Stress Echo, Blood test for cardiac enzymes, etc.  All came back normal (non-specific T-wave activity only.)  My doctor prescribed Toprol to be taken once a day at bed time. He said this would help slow down my nervous system activity. Generally speaking, is this a helpful med for chronic chest pains, tachycardia, shortness of breath and other anxiety/stress related symptoms? Is it safe? It does make me a little nervous taking something that is supposed to slow my heart rate and nervous system. I don't want my heart to stop in my sleep!  Will a beta blocker help "take the edge off" my symptoms or actually work to improve the underlying cause of them?  Thanks for this forum!  Proof to me that you are a health care organization that is really in the business of improving lives!  I would certainly recommend your services to anyone in need...
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Dear JBT

Beta blockers are a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks as well as PVC's.  While they treat the sumpotms, by decreasing the heart rate, they actually decrease the hearts excitability and improve the underlying condition.
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